About Home Pools Plus

We are Paul and Jonathan, two pool techs with 20+ years of experience between us. We have managed swimming pool stores, worked as pool techs, and ran our pool service and repair company in the past. 

While helping our friends and family set up above ground pools and inground pools, we found that there is quite a bit of conflicting information out there. We created Home Pools Plus to answer questions that we were commonly asked, to help people buy quality products to keep their pools safe for themselves and their families, and most importantly, to provide fun ideas for what you can do with your pool.

If you have suggestions for our blog, please let us know here.

Who Home Pools Plus is for

If you own, or are thinking about owning your own above ground pool, and:

• Have kids who want to enjoy the pool, or

• Are adults who just want to relax and have fun, or

• Care about keeping your pool safe from contamination, and

• Want to keep your pool in peak condition both in-season and out,

….Home Pools Plus is the blog for you. In Home Pools Plus, we carry out extensive research into costs, product reviews, how to run a DIY maintenance, pool chemistry, and so much more about above ground pools.

Our Writers

Paul R. and Jon S. are two pool experts with 20+ years of experience. We have helped out with pools on our days off (we work regular day jobs), and over the course of many years, we happened to get pretty good at working with above ground pools. These days, you can catch us discussing the latest ball game over beers… with an AGP in the background, of course.