About Home Pools Plus

A home pool can leave many happy, lasting memories. It can also be a real pain to clean and maintain, especially if you’re using an above ground pool. A little proactive care can go a long ways with the modern home pool, so Home Pools Plus is here to help you design a care plan for your pool that can maximize your fun while limiting the chores that need to be done.

From pool pumps to pool cleaners, pool lights to pool liners, Home Pools Plus covers everything your above ground pool will need from A-Z. We’ll even help you find a great pool to install if you want to upgrade your backyard this year. Product reviews, trial reports, and all of the other information you’ll need to make a decision that is right for you can be found right here.

The hot days of Summer don’t have to be sweaty and miserable. Cool off with an awesome above ground pool and all of the accessories you’ll need to take care of it with Home Pools Plus today.


Paul Rogers, Home Pools Plus.