Best Above-Ground Pool Light Reviews: Our 5 Favorites


Pool lights serve three basic purposes.

  1. They are a safety precaution
  2. They help to set the right mood
  3. They look awesome in an above ground pool

With the best above ground pool lights installed, you’ll be able to use your pool at night without realizing you’re sharing it with the neighborhood bear. The right lighting setup will also make your pool feel inviting, make it look incredible, and give you a great chance to relax. This guide will help you find the right lights for your pool today.


You can find plenty of design options in this category today. There are even some LED stools you can place into a pool for lighting if you wish. Yet for most above ground pool owners, the best lighting options are still a basic pool-friendly light that lets you see your pool effectively at night.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Intex 110-120V LED Pool Wall Light4.2
SmartPool Nite Lighter4.0
Kokido K753 Super Klear-Night Base Kit4.5
Darkbuster Deluxe Above Ground Pool Light4.1
LEDMY Waterproof Above Ground Light4.9
Intex Above Ground LED Magnetic Pool Light4.1
BlueWave Products Aqua Luminator4.2
Smartpool NL35 Nitelighter4.1
SR Smith LED Pool Light4.0
Hayward SP056525 Elite Above Ground Pool Light4.2
PictureNameOur RatingPrice


It might surprise you, but pool lights are not always necessary for an above ground pool. Most lighting is for aesthetics or safety, so if you have a well-lighted location that lets you see the pool clearly at night, you may not need to make this investment. Otherwise underwater lighting or lights that work above the pool may be necessary for your safe enjoyment.

Underwater lighting has become a standard item for pools since regulations and standards for this type of lighting were established in 1968. Most bulbs will light for at least 1,000 hours before needing a replacement, so they are a reasonably affordable investment. Yet because water and electricity don’t mix well when you’re sitting in a pool, you need to use a product that is safe for everyone.

This is where the above ground pool lights offer some unique features. Some models affix to your liner and replicate the look of in-ground pool lighting. Others may clip to the side or the frame of your pool.


The best lights in this category require no drilling or draining. They will also disburse light to give you full pool coverage with only one or two installations required. Many will even install quickly using the existing return fitting for the pool. Many owners can have their lights installed in 15 minutes or less without obstructing their water line flow.

LED lights tend to be the best option in this category since they last longer and require less energy to operate. Halogen lights are usually less expensive on the initial investment, but have operating costs that may be 80% higher than their LED counterparts.

Look for lights that are UL/CA listed and have a weather-tight sealed transformer for the best results.


You’ll find that most of the lights in this category are priced around the $100 mark. There are cheaper models and a few that are more expensive, but most above ground pools only need one light in order to provide the necessary illumination.



This is the LED pool light for above ground pools in virtually any shape or size. This is because they affix to the side of the pool through the use of magnetics. If the magnet becomes separated from the light, then there is built-in floatation device in the unit so you don’t have to worry about accidentally stepping on the light. The illumination is nice and bright and batteries aren’t going to be exposed to your pool water because you don’t need them. This is easily one of the simplest lighting solutions on the market today.

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These 50 watt lights are perfect for framed pools that have steel wall posts. The installation is super simple and takes just a couple of minutes. There’s a 28-foot cord that goes out from the mounting location so you have power flexibility as well. Otherwise there’s really not much to say about this two-pack of lights.  Put them under the top ledge and you’ll extend the safe use of your pool well into the night hours.

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This design is one of the few above ground pool lights that can be used for soft-sided pools or steel posts. You’ll receive 70 white LED lights with this fixture so just one installation can brighten up virtually any size pool. One light disc is included with this purchase, but the manufacturer has designed them to connect up to 2 additional discs for additional lighting if needed. The magnetic installation also means this is a tool-free process. You’ll also receive a transformer to convert down to a 12v power supply for each connected light.

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The issue with many above ground pool lights is that there just isn’t enough illumination. The light is nice, but it just isn’t very bright. You won’t have that problem if this is the light you install with your pool this year. The 3,000-hour halogen bulb will give you up to 20% more light than other options in this category and it comes with colored lenses as well so you can set the right mood for the pool. This product also meets all UL and CSA standards.

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When you want installation flexibility and light consistency, having just one light bulb or disc isn’t going to be enough for some pools. Instead of being stuck with dark areas in your pool at night or spending hundreds of dollars on multiple lights, try installing this LED light strip instead. With 300 LEDs offering a cool white light experience, this waterproof product can be clipped, taped, or glued to your pool for 50,000 hours of use. A 3-year warranty is also included.

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The best above ground pool lights must work with your type of pool for consistent success. Whether soft-sided or on a steel post, choose your preferred lights today and you’ll be able to enjoy long, leisurely nights in your pool all season long.

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