Best Above-Ground Pool Liner Reviews: The Top Ones To Use


The success or failure of an above ground pool often depends on the quality of the liner being used. This is true whether you’ve purchased a framed pool or one that self-rises as it fills up. The smoothness and thickness of the liner, along with its color and warranty, will help you enjoy your pool experience or make it a costly one. This guide will help you find the best above ground pool liners for your make and model.


One of the best ways to gauge how great a pool liner happens to be is to look at how it performs under real conditions. Reviews by real customers on public forums tell a better story than any manufacturer’s description. The chart below contains the top-rated above ground pool liners based on testimonials instead of sales literature.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Blue Wave 48 in. Peel and Stick4.4
In the Swim Round Overlap Pool Liner4.0
Quality Pool Products Great Barrier Reef Pool Liner5.0
GLI 24 Foot Round Armor Shield Pool Floor Liner4.1
Quality Pool Products Elephant Guard4.1
Antilles Dolphin 25 Gauge Round Swimming Pool Liner4.4
In the Swim 18 Foot Round Overlap Pool Liner4.1
Blue Wave 15x30 Foot Oval Liner Pad4.3
Quality Pool Products 24' Glimmer Pool Liner4.5
GLI 18' Round Armor Shield Pad4.3
PictureNameOur RatingPrice


As you shop for liners and look at product reviews, you’ll notice one thing stands out: some liners are measured by “gauge,” while others are measured in “millimeters.” Gauge measurements are different than millimeters. If a product is 30 gauge, then it’s actually just 26 millimeters in thickness.

This is important to know because the thickness of your liner matters – especially if it is a vinyl liner. If your above ground pool will be in direct sunlight, be used frequently, or is placed on a rough base surface material, then a thicker material is necessary. It will cost more for a thicker liner, but the protection it provides is worth the cost.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers sell 30 gauge liners as if they are 30 millimeter liners. Doing so allows them to charge up to 10% more for the liner. So pay close attention to the thickness of the liner in each listing for best results.


No matter how thick a vinyl liner happens to be, the best way to care for it is to maintain an accurate chemistry balance for your water. When pH levels are properly balanced, then your water chemistry has the best possible chance to destroy microorganisms like bacteria and algae that can reduce the life of your liner.

The acidity of your pool will be measured on a pH chart of 0-14. A pH of 7 is completely neutral. Pools need to be a little alkaline – 7.8 or less – for best results. Anything above that will create scale and anything below 7.2 can lead to corrosion.

Chlorine or other sanitizers are also important to maintain at proper levels. Pool vacuuming and skimmer sweeps will also prolong the life of a vinyl liner.


Many above ground pools actually come with the cost of a liner included. If you need to purchase a specialty liner or one for a pool that didn’t come with one, you may find prices from $50-$400 depending on the size of your pool. Patterns and colors tend to cost more than a standard liner.



We really loved how easy it was to install this pool liner. It comes with an adhesive backing, so putting it in place is simple. Just make sure your fingers are out of the way so you don’t end up with bubbles along the edges. Once properly installed, we saw a big difference in the way the pool would try to stretch and that can prevent premature wearing on your fabrics, plastics, and frames. Take advantage of the 19 pack or purchase what you specifically need for your pool and enjoy the results of your labor.

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This beautiful solid blue pool liner comes with a 15-year warranty and is constructed from a solid 20-gauge virgin vinyl material. It’s a great liner for those who use their pool about 1-2 times per week. The seams on this liner are double-welded for added security and UV protections are built into the product as well. Perfect for pools that are going to be winterized, it’s an affordable solution that works full-time for those above ground pools that are used part-time.

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This is a fun pool liner that will give your above ground pool an HD visual experience. The vinyl design is printed with an image of the Great Barrier Reef and the sea life you’d expect there. It’s an overlap pool liner that will fit 48 inch, 52 inch, and 54 inch pool walls. It provides your pool with UV protection and let’s face it – the kids are going to love it. The liner is 25 gauge, but be careful if your pool is a few years old. A rounded out bottom will cause this liner not to fit properly.

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This is another great above ground pool liner that will guard your investment from common cuts and punctures that happen from debris like grass and glass. The floor of the pool is also cushioned with this liner in place, giving you a softer place to sit or rest your feet. The geotextile fabric allows moisture to safely pass through it, yet the product itself is mold and mildew resistance. Install this on top of your soil or a sand bedbeneath the vinyl liner for best results.

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Who doesn’t like dolphins? With a great image and lap-welded seams, you’ll be able to reduce both your vertical and lateral tension with this above ground pool liner. It is tested to work successfully with common water chemistry kits and has one of the best cold crack resistance ratings in our industry today. It installs quickly without wrinkling and a universal gasket set is included to work with your pool’s skimmer and return with ease.

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The best above ground pool liners will provide you with the extra layer of protection your pool may need. Find the liner which meets your needs today and you’ll have many great days of leak-free fun headed your way.

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