5 Best Floating above Ground Pool Lights Review and Buying Guide

Nothing can spruce up a home like a pool in your backyard. Pools create a space for relaxation, enjoyment, exercise and add a sophisticated aesthetic appeal to your home. Above ground pools are an affordable and convenient way of having a pool in your backyard but without good lighting, they can be difficult to use.

Good lighting in a pool is essential for functional and aesthetic reasons. Nothing beats relaxing in a pool at the end of the day but using a pool can be difficult and dangerous at night if you don’t have any lights around it. Besides, adding nice lighting can also completely change the mood of your space and make it exciting or relaxing.

While it is crucial to have lights in your pool, installing lights in the walls and under the water can be expensive and require a lot of maintenance. Floating lights are a convenient and affordable way of adding highly customizable lights to your above ground pool.

While buying floating lights for your above ground pool, you need to consider the size, color and functions you are looking for. We have put together a list of the best floating above ground pool lights out there, along with a handy buying guide that will help you understand what to look for!

Poolmaster Waterproof Floating Light with Speaker

Poolmaster Waterproof Floating Light with Speaker 5 Best Floating above Ground Pool Lights Review and Buying Guide

With a host of enjoyable features, this Poolmaster waterproof floating light is a lot more than just a pool light. This handy little device takes into account your entire pool experience and makes sure everything you could need is at an arm’s reach while you are relaxing in your pool.

Say you want to enjoy a few hours winding down in your pool while your favorite music plays in the background. It can get messy to use your phone to play music while protecting it from the water. This floating light doubles up as a wireless speaker that you can connect to your phone before getting into the pool so that you can have your playlist right next to you floating in your pool.

Not just music, this speaker will also help you take phone calls and announce the caller ID. The speaker can connect to any wireless source in a range of 60 feet and you can turn off the light and continue to use it as a speaker even outside of the pool.

As a light, it is waterproof and can withstand being submerged in up to three feet of water, making sure you don’t need to worry about water splashes while using it. It has seven solid color options and a battery life of ten hours, making it a fantastic choice for an affordable floating pool light with a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

What We Liked

  • Long battery life
  • Multipurpose and highly customizable
  • Waterproof

What Could Be Better

  • Volume and sound quality
  • Bluetooth range

Hapikay Solar Powered Floating Lights

Hapikay Solar Powered Floating Lights 5 Best Floating above Ground Pool Lights Review and Buying Guide

These solar-powered floating lights from Hapikay come in packs of one or two and have exceptional reviews from everyone who has tried them. These are the best choice for pool parties, outdoor dinners, celebrations or if you just want to create a playful and colorful mood for your everyday use of your pool.

These 14-inch floating lights are the most low-maintenance lighting option for your pool and home. They do not need to be plugged in anywhere or charged. They simply charge themselves if left outside in the sun during the day and start lighting up at night.

These solar-powered floating lights are completely waterproof and all you need to do is toss them into the water without any fear of damage. Besides using them as floating lights for your pool, you can also just use them as indoor or outdoor lights for your patio or for lighting up the table during a dinner party. They are easy to hang and perfect for decorating any part of the house.

These lights switch on their own between seven colors and are very durable as well.

What We Liked

  • Energy efficient
  • Simple but multipurpose
  • Low maintenance but great for decoration

What Could Be Better

  • Lightweight
  • Not very bright

Spin Master, Inc Aquarium Floating Pool Light

Spin Master, Inc Aquarium Floating Pool Light 5 Best Floating above Ground Pool Lights Review and Buying Guide

This floating pool light from Spin Master, Inc is the perfect way to add a unique and exciting kick to the lighting in your pool. You can use these lights to add a playful but relaxing aesthetic appeal to your pool that will enamor adults and children alike!

When placed in the pool, this light floats and creates the ambiance of an aquarium. The floating light has silhouettes of fish and it feels as though colorful fish are floating around your pool when you turn it on. As the light floats around the pool, it will look as if the fish are swimming as well.

Relax inside your pool or let this floating pool light do its magic as you enjoy some company by the poolside. Powered by batteries, this floating light has three colors and three magical lighting modes.

What We Liked

  • Simple and customizable
  • Compact but bright
  • Unique design

What Could Be Better

  • Can’t be left in the water for too long

LOGUIDE Floating Pool Light

LOGUIDE Floating Pool Light 5 Best Floating above Ground Pool Lights Review and Buying Guide

These floating pool lights from LOGUIDE are an attractive option to add a romantic and magical touch to your pool. Available in packs of six, these lights are shaped like lotus flowers and look very realistic with intricately designed leaves and petals.

These lights are the perfect option for decorating your pool for special occasions. Imagine these beautiful, softly lit lotuses floating in the water as guests gather around in your backyard. These lights are perfect for any kind of celebration and will especially suit the romantic mood of weddings and anniversaries.

The lights have seven different colors, which change on their own and the structure of the lights has been designed to make them durable and safe. The leaves at the bottom of the flowers ensure that the lights float in the water and there is a watertight compartment for the batteries.

These lights are battery powered and the power lasts for 70 to 100 hours, so you don’t need to worry about leaving them on for a long time either. If you are looking for an affordable and convenient way to add stunning decorations to your pool, then this is the way to go!

What We Liked

  • Long battery life and replaceable batteries
  • Good design and material in the flowers
  • Battery compartment is waterproof

What Could Be Better

  • No on and off switch

Loftek LED Light Ball

Loftek LED Light Ball 5 Best Floating above Ground Pool Lights Review and Buying Guide

If you are looking for a floating light that goes back to the basics while elevating the quality and design, this Loftek LED Light Ball will make you extremely happy. This eight-inch ball is a high-quality light that can be used not just as a floating light in the pool but as a night light or a toy as well.

The Loftek LED light ball has a high-quality matte finish and you will instantly feel how durable it is when you see it. It is excellent for kids as it is made from toy-grade polyethylene and completely free from any toxic materials. It is also highly customizable in terms of the lighting itself and has five brightness adjustments, four dynamic lighting modes and 16 static color options.

It can be charged with a USB cord and for every two hours of charging, you get up to twelve hours of battery life. One of the best parts about this light is that it comes with a remote control. You can change all light settings either by using the remote or through controls on the light itself.

Besides using it as a pool light, you can find a lot of use for this light indoors as well. With its different brightness adjustments, this is a great way to add a customizable and comfortable night light to your room that not only has functionality but can also help you with your mood.

The light is waterproof and comes with an impressive warranty and customer service assurance for its price. There is a 40-day refund policy, free replacement of the product within 12 months in case of an issue with the quality and lifetime prompt customer service.

What We Liked

  • Smooth user experience
  • Durable design and long battery life
  • Good warranty

What Could Be Better

  • Can be complicated to charge

Things to Consider While Buying a Floating above Ground Pool Light

This section will break down all the factors you need to consider to decide which floating above ground pool light is best for your needs.


Safety is one of the first boxes you need to tick when buying a pool light because you are dealing with water. The floating lights listed here are all safe.

However, many cheaper options have the chance to malfunction in a way that might be dangerous. Read ratings carefully and test the product before using it in your pool.


The size of your pool will dictate what kind of floating above ground pool light to buy for your needs. If your pool is too small while your lights are big, the light will take up all the space in the pool and there will be little space left to swim, play or relax.

The size of the pool will also affect how bright your lights will look in the pool. You might get an extremely bright pool light but the light might not illuminate the entire space if your pool is too large.

You can also decide how many pool lights you need according to the size of the pool. A large pool can have many pool lights floating about and it would add a wonderful touch to the atmosphere, while one bright light could do the trick for a smaller pool.

Location of Your Pool

The location of your pool would help you decide what kind of floating above ground pool light to get. For instance, if you have an outdoor pool, a solar-powered floating pool light might be a smart decision. On the other hand, interior pools would do better with a battery-operated pool light.


The brightness of the floating above ground pool light is significant to consider before you buy one. You don’t always need to buy the brightest lights but you do need to think about what kind of lighting you want in your space.

The size of the pool would also affect the brightness of the light you buy. The larger the pool, the more bright your light should be to avoid excessive diffusion of light. Similarly, in a small pool, a light that is too bright might look too overpowering.


The sheer number of options for floating above ground pool lights available in the market makes it necessary for you to consider the occasions in which you are planning to use your pool light the most.

If you are looking for floating pool lights to add a decorative and aesthetically pleasing touch to your pool during special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries, options like the lotus floating pool lights will be best for you.

If you are looking to light up your pool for a casual gathering or a house party, then the sets of small multicolored lights will add a nice modern touch to your space. It might also help to choose a durable set of floating lights that will not get damaged amid a crowd.

For everyday use, a simple but bright light that will allow you to swim safely, relax and destress during the night could be a good option.


The energy source of your floating above ground pool light is essential to consider, as it will affect how you use it. Many floating pool lights are battery operated. The batteries may be rechargeable or they might need to be replaced after you have finished using them.

Some floating pool lights also have batteries that deteriorate after multiple charges and the brightness of the light might reduce as you keep using them. It is essential to take the necessary measures and use the light carefully to ensure the batteries do not age.

The mechanism for charging is important as that affects the safety and convenience of using the floating pool light. Usually, floating pool lights will have a watertight compartment for the battery. It is essential to check whether you can easily open it and take out the batteries without posing the risk of an electric shock.

You also need to consider how often the floating pool light needs to be charged and how long the charge lasts. For instance, if you plan to use the floating pool light for an overnight party at your house, it will be inconvenient to have a pool light that needs to be charged every two hours.

You can also get the more energy-efficient option of a solar-powered pool light. This will remove the hassle of charging your floating pool light and simply leaving it outside during the day will be enough for you to use it during the night.


It is counterproductive to have a floating pool light that gets damaged by the water. However, there are different degrees to which different floating pool lights can withstand contact with water.

Some floating above ground pool lights will be completely waterproof. These are the safest and most convenient to use. The entire surface of the light can withstand some amount of contact with water without getting damaged.

In waterproof floating pool lights, different lights will be able to tolerate different quantities of water. For instance, you might be able to submerge some lights up to 3 feet below the water, while others might only be able to tolerate being under a thin layer of water.

This is important because while swimming or splashing around in a pool, the floating light might get accidentally submerged.

Many other floating pool lights are not entirely waterproof but are water resistant. This means that they can be floated in the water but might have some limitations.

For instance, you might need to ensure that they do not get submerged underwater or you might need to take them out of the water after use for their durability.


Durability is essential to consider to know whether you are buying the right floating pool light and whether you are paying the right price for it.

Of course, no manufacturer will give you reliable information on how durable their floating pool light really is. Hence, it is crucial to go through reviews and ask around to find out how durable a particular floating pool light is.

Certain parameters will give you hints about the floating above ground pool light’s durability as well.

For instance, a floating pool light that says it is weather-resistant will mean that it is less likely to be damaged by extreme weather. This is important, especially if you plan to have floating pool lights that will mostly stay outdoors as they might be prone to damage from heat.

You can also consider the material with which the floating pool light is constructed and whether it is sturdy or light. Many floating pool light manufacturers also consider customer reviews and create upgrades in the design of the floating pool light.

Take these into account as they will give you information on the quality of the floating pool light and whether the manufacturer has foreseen common issues that could cause damage.

For instance, many floating pool lights have sensitive areas such as the battery compartment or the charging port that are not adequately watertight and this can cause damage. Floating pool light manufacturers that encounter this problem should ideally have designed an upgrade that solves this issue.


If you are looking for a floating pool light that can only be used for the purpose of lighting up your pool and you are willing to pay a good price for it, that is well and good. However, most floating pool lights now come with additional features that make the light more versatile.

It is essential to consider the versatility as you could use the same floating pool light for different functions depending on the occasion for which you are buying it. For instance, the floating pool light could be more than just a light and have a speaker built into it.

A floating pool light that doubles up as a speaker will come in handy both inside and outside the pool. It will enhance your experience of using the pool regularly for leisure, exercise or relaxation as you can play music and take calls while inside the pool without risking damage to any of your other devices. Outside the pool, you can continue to use the light as a speaker.

Some floating pool lights will work wonderfully as outdoor decor for special occasions in your pool and around your backyard. These pool lights come with hooks and attachments that can make them convenient and easy to hang up as lanterns and outdoor lights.

Some floating pool lights will work as a good quality lighting option in different scenarios. For instance, you might be able to use it while swimming at night and then take it indoors to use as a night light as well.


To ensure that you can customize your experience while using your floating pool lights and use it for different occasions, make sure to consider the available colors when you buy the lights. There might be pool lights with single colors or they might have multiple changing colors as well.

Different pool lights will have different color-changing options. While some might only allow you to change from color to color, others might have dynamic lighting options or might even change colors automatically.

You might have to press a button on the pool light for its color to change or you might be able to change it using a remote control. These are all important factors to consider that will determine the convenience of using the floating pool lights depending on the occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need Floating Pool Lights?

It can be dangerous to swim in a pool after dark. However, installing lights in the walls of the pool can be expensive and requires professional help.

Floating pool lights are an easy and convenient way to illuminate your pool without spending too much. They are also a great way to add decor to your swimming pool.

Is It Difficult to Install Floating Pool Lights?

Usually, floating pool lights need minimal installation. Simply reading the manual will tell you how to install your floating pool lights.

Some might need to be switched on, some might be remote control operated or some might require you to take some precautions before putting them in the water.

If you plan to decorate a large area with many pool lights, you might need to set aside some time to do the tedious task of turning every light on individually if required.

Are Floating Pool Lights Very Expensive?

Floating pool lights are available in a range of prices depending on their design and functions. There are both affordable and high-end options available.

The cheapest options might be less durable but you can gauge the durability of the light from the reviews before buying it. It is not difficult to go for an affordable option and still ensuring that it functions for a long time by taking good care of the floating pool light.

Will Floating Pool Lights Attract Bugs?

Depending on the climate you are in, floating pool lights can attract bugs, especially if they remain still for a long time. One option is to turn off the light periodically so that it cools down.

If the bugs are a big concern for you, you can opt for LED lights which are comparatively cooler and will not make the light warm enough to attract the same number of bugs.

Summing Up

Floating above ground pool lights are a versatile lighting option for your pool, no matter what your needs are. They can be great as a practical lighting option if you need to use the pool for training, exercise or daily use.

They can help you create an ambiance and mood according to your needs if you are looking to use your pool for leisure and relaxation. They can also be a great decor option to light up a venue for an outdoor celebration.

Floating above ground pool lights are available in several incredibly versatile and unique options at different prices. If you keep in mind certain factors such as size, location, safety, energy, durability and so on before buying your pool light, you will find a floating pool light that is perfect for your needs and fits right into your budget!

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