Best Pool Shock Reviews: The Most Effective Treatments To Buy

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Shocking a pool doesn’t involve electricity, but it will give the water more power to combat organic deposits and bacteria that can cause your pool purity levels to go down. The best above ground pool shock is easy to dissolve and distribute so that you can quickly turn cloudy water into clear for a safe and fun swimming environment. Every pool needs a shock now and then, so this guide will help you know how and when it needs to happen.


The chemicals that make up a pool shock are pretty basic. You can’t really mess around with chlorine, right? For an above ground pool, there can be certain integrity issues with a liner or other pool components that may need to be considered before chemical distribution. The products in the chart below are proven to work in pools of all types.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Aqua Chem 5-Pack Shock Xtra Blue4.6
In The Swim Chlorine Pool Shock4.6
Pentair IC15 Intellichlor Salt Chlorinator4.4
Nature2 W28001 DuoClear Mineral Cartridge4.8
In the Swim 3 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets 25lbs4.7
In the Swim Basic Pool Opening Chemical Kit4.4
Blue Wave Season's Supply Chemical Kit4.0
Robell Swimming Pool Chemical Shock Kit5.0
Lonza Microbial Hth Shock N' Swimc5.0
BioGuard Easy Shock & Swim4.9
PictureNameOur RatingPrice


Whether you shock your pool every week or do it once per month, a standard practice is to distribute dissolved chlorine tablets into the water so it can remove pollutants. Bacteria and organic pollutants will build up enough over time that they can actually resist your chemical balance. By shocking the pool, you can break up the contaminants to prevent a messy build-up of scum, algae, and other icky stuff.

You need to shock a pool because every time you step into one, you’re actually adding contaminants to the water. It’s something you just can’t prevent. Your skin distributes cells into the water and those cells can become food for bacteria and algae. Add in the leaves, dirt, and other natural stuff that Mother Nature can put into your pool and it becomes a fantastic place for bacteria to raise a family.


You basically need a 5-gallon bucket and your preferred shock chemicals for your above ground pool. Fill up the bucket with pool water and then dissolve the chemicals into it. Then pour one-quarter of the chemical solution into each corner of the pool. That’s really all you need to do.

It’s often better to shock a pool at night. The chlorine breaks down under the rays of the sun and can make the shock less effective. You also need to run your pumps for 8-12 hours on most pools for the shock to be effective, so you can run it all night and then be ready to use the pool again in the morning.

Check your chlorine levels at least once per week to determine what your current levels happen to be. If they are too low, then use the pool shock to restore your balance.


Most households will spend about $15 per month on pool shock chemicals. Larger pools may cost a little more, while smaller pools may cost a little less.



This set of pool shock kills bacteria and algae with surprising effectiveness. You’ll creating sparkling water in no time at all if you use this product at night and then let your pumps work overnight. It’s suitable to use in all pool types and doesn’t come with the overwhelming chlorine odor that other shock products tend to provide. It won’t increase the pH of the pool either – a definite plus. Choose a 1-pack, a 36-pack, or something in-between to get the results you need today.

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This is the above ground pool shock to use when you’ve got a large pool that needs to be treated. You’ll receive 24 one-pound bags of chlorinated shock treatment with this purchase. Each one-pound bag will treat 10,000 gallons of pool water. It contains 68% calcium hypochlorite for fast-acting oxidation results that will kill off the organics in your pool in no time at all. Use it for a quick boost in spring or burn out an algae colony that you found in just a day and you’ll be able to enjoy your pool in no time at all.

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This salt chlorinator prevents calcium and scale build-up with ease so you can maximize the cell life of your saltwater systems. It fits the Pentair Com Pool and offers EasyTouch upgrade automatic. On-time cycling lets you control water quality levels and the auto-shutoff feature lets you manage low-temperature waters with greater ease. It will also work with SunTouch and IntelliTouch automation systems so you can have the softer water that you want for your above ground pool.

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If you’ve taken advantage of the DuoClear 25 vessel-based system, then grab these mineral cartridges before they go out of stock. If you haven’t tried the DuoClear system yet, then what are you waiting for? You will destroy algae and bacteria using natural minerals instead of harsh chemicals. This limits the bad odors, the stinging eyes, and the itchy skin that a pool can leave. It will not harm pool equipment, leave stains, or dramatically alter your pH levels. It comes with a 6-month guarantee that it will work. If you don’t like the chlorine, then give this system a try today.

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This is the water sanitization kit that every first-time above ground pool owner should have. Not only do you receive jumbo tabs that are up to 90% chlorine, but you’ll also receive the full shock treatments, water brighteners, and clarifiers that can help your pool as well. Algae control products are also included with this kit. For those who already own pools – compare this cost to what it would be at your local pool store. The price is about the same, you’ll get the same results, and you’ll save yourself a trip.

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The best above ground pool shock will give you clean and safe water that will help to prolong the life of your pool. Grab yours today so that you can balance your water chemistry on schedule so that you aren’t surprised by tainted or stagnant water when you want to take a swim.

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