6 Best Pool Skimmer Baskets (2021)

Cleaning the pool is a tiring and messy task, but it is necessary to get the cleaning task done correctly for the overall maintenance of the pool. This includes cleaning the pump basket and the skimmer as well.

When the baskets get clogged, it increases the load on the pump for cycling the water, which negatively impacts it. The debris collected in the basket also hinders the flow of water and affects the pool water filtering.

The most crucial factor in cleaning the pool is filtering the water. The blockage of the skimmer and baskets do not allow pumping more water. Whereas, if it’s clean, the filtering is much easier.

If you see leaves and other dirt floating inside the pool, you wouldn’t really feel like using the pool, will you? So, it’s necessary to clean it well. And for this, the one thing that works wonders is a good skimmer and basket inside it.

Occasionally the baskets break and are not much durable. To ensure proper filtering of water, you need to use top-quality pool skimmer baskets. This article will draw your attention to some of the top-rated pool skimmer baskets available in the market.

This brings us to the question:

What Is A Pool Skimmer Basket?

A pool skimmer basket refers to a piece of pool equipment that collects the dirt that floats on the pool’s surface. This is fitted inside the skimmer.

This is much like the strainer that you use in the kitchen. Just like the strainer, it collects leaves and unwanted things from the pool water.

For cleaning the pool, water is pumped and strained, and it passes through the skimmer, and then the unwanted nasty things and leaves and debris all get caught in the mesh of the skimmer basket. This enables the one cleaning the pool to collect those and remove them quickly.

This makes the task easier as it is not always possible to manually clean the pool by removing each unwanted thing using a net. Instead, by using a pump and skimmer, it can be done faster. This is vital for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

If you do not use a pool skimmer, the floating leaves and debris will clog the water filter and the pump. This will drain your pocket for getting them repaired or replace them. Hence, it is wiser to use a good quality pool skimmer with a basket.


What Features To Look For In A Pool Skimmer Basket?

Before buying a pool skimmer, it is essential to know its features and the criteria determining its quality. Here I will discuss some of the crucial factors to be kept in mind before buying pool skimmer baskets.


Generally, the ones which are easy to install are the ones of top quality. It must be durable because you have to take it out every day and install it again for cleaning. The product should be sturdy enough for this process. 

Generally, heavy baskets are used where the power of gravity places them firmly within the skimmer, but if the basket is light, some weight can be added to it in the form of rocks or stones to keep it in position. Some baskets also possess a twist-lock system which further contributes to keeping the basket inside the skimmer properly.

Size of the Basket 

It is essential to select a basket that has the size which fits in the skimmer accurately, or else it won’t block the seal, and thus all the debris would reach the pump through the skimmer creating a blockage.

To find the basket of the perfect size, you must check the product number of the basket. You may also measure the diameter, height, and other dimensions before buying it. Products available in the market are usually of a standardized size, yet you should check and measure them before buying.


It should be designed so that t should have handles which makes it easier to carry. Opt for the ones with metal rod handles as they are sturdier than plastic handles.

Moreover, it should reduce the strain on the pool pump and skimmer by allowing water to flow through the skimmer even if the basket is filled up.


The product should be made of such material that it is durable and can survive the sun’s UV rays. If you buy cheap quality products, they will not last long.


In the market, they are available at different price ranges. You can buy according to your budget. However, it is advisable to buy a good product and not compromise the quality of pocket-friendly products.


You should always buy a product that comes with a warranty. The products of reputed brands offer a warranty, and they are durable.


How to Clean the Pool Skimmer?

The following are the steps of cleaning the skimmer basket:

  • The pool pump should be turned off
  • The skimmer lid should be removed
  • The skimmer basket should be emptied
  • The basket should be installed back into the skimmer
  • The skimmer lid should be installed before turning on the system

I have now discussed what a pool skimmer is, its features, and why we need them. 

Now I will highlight some of the top rate pool skimmer baskets that are available online.

Let’s get started!

6 Best Pool Skimmer Baskets: Our Top Picks

#1 Pentair 516112 Handle Basket Replacement Bermuda Gunite And Vinyl Liner Skimmer |Best Overall

As the name suggests, this basket is perfect for replacing the baskets of the Pentair Bermuda Gunite and Vinyl Liner skimmers. The product comes with a sturdy metal handle that is curved and lasts longer than plastic handles. 

It can be removed easily for cleaning, and even the handle can be separated for cleaning purposes. The dimensions of the product are 5.5 x 8.5 x 5.5 inches.


  • The handle can be removed for cleaning
  • The handle is sturdy and lasts longer
  • The basket can be removed easily from the skimmer


  • Some customers have complained regarding the fitting of the basket in the skimmer

#2 Swimming Pool Replacement Skimmer Basket For Hayward |Cost-Effective

This product of dimension 5-3/16″ deep x 5-3/4″ wide easily fits the skimmers of Pentair Bermuda gunite and vinyl liner. This is made of plastic, and it follows the standardized size of other skimmers currently available in the market. It is pretty affordable at a pocket-friendly price range.

Since it is made of plastic, it is not much durable as it can not withstand the pressure of the pump or the weight of the debris and leaves. It is too light and does not fit well inside the skimmer unless a few stones are added to weigh it down.


  • It comes at an affordable price range
  • It is easily available
  • Has the size of standardized baskets


  • Not so durable

#3 GVT Skim Pro Skimmer Basket With Tower For Hayward SP1070 Series Pool Skimmers | User-Friendly

The product comes with a tower vent that allows a constant flow of water even when the basket is filled with debris. It also ensures the protection of the pump and prevents it from running dry.

It fits into the following skimmers:

  • Hayward Skimmer SP1070 Pacfab
  • Jacuzzi Deckmate, SwimQuipa
  • American Products skimmers
  • It has a dimension of 8 7/16 inches x 6 1/8 inches.

It has a unique design of handle that rises from the middle of the basket, and it ensures the flow of water through the basket even it gets filled up. It is made of good quality plastic that is durable, and it safeguards the pump motor. The handle is user-friendly.

However, the vent is too big and takes up a lot of space and may impact the skimming process when the basket gets filled up.


  • It can be used even when the basket is full
  • Durable
  • Protects the motor


  • The tower handle is too big 

#4 Blue Devil B8503 Skimmer Basket Replacement | Sturdy

This product of dimension 6.2 x 6.2 x 3.25 inches is another Skimmer basket replacement commonly available in the market. These mostly come in white color. This product of the brand Blue Devil is cost-effective and is used widely as a replacement option.

Although it is made of cheap plastic, it is sturdy and durable and can be used for a long time. Thus you get a good product at an affordable price.


  • A cost-effective 
  • Sturdy 
  • Durable


  • It is a bit smaller than other available baskets in the market

#5 Pentair Sta-Rite U-3 Skimmer Basket With Handle | Durable Handles

With a dimension of 8.5 x 8.5 x 5.25 inches, the product fits well in the skimmers of Pentair. It is made of suitable quality plastic, and it is sturdy and durable as well. The handle is made of metal which lasts longer than cheap plastic ones. Again the use of metal further enhances its weight and weighs t down, ensuring a perfect fit in the skimmer.

However, the mounted handle within the basket sometimes pops out when used, especially the full basket. While carrying a filled-up basket, the handle generally pops out.


  • Sturdy handle quality
  • The basket is large


  • Some customers have claimed that the handle usually pops out during use

#6 CMP Vented Handle FlowSkim Skimmer Basket | Withstands Sunrays

This product easily fits into a 12-inch handle basket, and it allows a venting option that ensures a steady water flow even if the basket is full.

The handle has an ergonomic handle providing comfort while using, and it can be easily removed and installed. Here the vent is on the side of the basket.


  • Has perfect weight
  • Withstands Sunrays
  • Good quality plastic


  • Some customers have complained that it does not fit properly

Frequently Asked Questions:

After how long should the skimmer baskets be emptied?

It is better to empty and inspect the basket every week. It will make you aware that it is in good shape and has not been affected by the heavy flow of dirt. If it is damaged, then you can replace it.

What is the purpose of a skimmer basket?

It creates a barrier and prevents the debris from entering the pump or the filter.

What is the material used for manufacturing simmer baskets?

Mostly, plastic is used but is designed to carry weight, so they are primarily sturdy. The handles are made of either metal rods or plastic.

How to remove a skimmer basket?

It can be removed by opening the lid of the skimmer. In some cases, the lids are screwed; after unscrewing it, you can lift it. Again in some pools, it is easy to open where you just lift and open it.

How Does A Skimmer Basket Work?

When the skimmer pulls dirt from the pool surface, it gets collected within the basket, and as long as the pump functions, this process goes on.

How to measure a Skimmer Basket?

For starters, you can look up the product number written on the bottom or side of the basket. If that fails, you can measure the inside and outside diameters, the diameter of the base, and the length of the height.

What should be done if the pool skimmer basket breaks?

You should immediately replace and ensure that the water quality in your pool is not depreciating as it may badly affect your skin and health in general.


The Final Piece Of Advice

Among all the products rated above, the Pentair 516112 Handle Basket Replacement Bermuda Gunite And Vinyl Liner Skimmer is used most widely and has positive reviews barring a few complaints. We have covered the basic research for the product, and believe it’s a good buy.

I hope this article has clarified all your doubts and queries about pool skimmer baskets, their uses, maintenance, etc. After reading this, you have grasped the primary factors that are to be considered for buying it. Now you are prepared to choose the product you need. Happy shopping!

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