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Best Solar Pool Cover Reviews: The Most Effective Options Compared


One of the challenges which comes with above ground pool ownership is keeping the water temperature stabilized. You don’t want the water so cold that you can’t use the pool, but you also don’t want it so warm that it encourages green algae growth. This is where the best above ground pool solar covers can provide you with the assistance you need. Fitting tightly as a cover, the rays of the sun can keep your temperature maintained well so your pool chemistry cleaning efforts can keep working on your behalf.

The Best Chart for Above Ground Pool Solar Covers

Some solar pool covers are just more effective at transmitting heat energy into your pool water than others. We’ve found the top-rated models in this category for you to review. Choose the one that works with your make and model of above ground pool today.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Blue Wave Solar Blanket4.2
Intex Solar Cover4.0
Midwest Extra Heavy Space Age Solar Blanket4.6
Intex Rectangular Solar Cover4.5
Sun2Solar Blue Swimming Pool Heater Blanket4.7
Intex Solar Cover 15ft Diameter4.0
24' Round Space Age Solar Blanket5.0
Blue Wave 16x32 Foot Oval Solar Blanket4.1
Splash Pools Round Solar Pool Cover4.2
27' Round Blue Above Ground Pool Solar Cover4.7
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

Why Choose an Above Ground Pool Solar Cover?

You gain more control over your pool when you install a solar cover. This means you can extend the amount of time you get to use the pool deeper into the colder months. You also get to save money because your water chemistry stays more consistent.

You can choose from a variety of thickness options with a solar cover or a solar blanket. Look for UV resistant vinyl to receive long lasting results with this product category.

Shape is important to consider as well. Many solar covers and blankets market themselves as a one-size-fits-all solution, but it’s still doesn’t work to put a round cover on a square pool. Make sure you purchase the rectangle, oval, round, or square shape that your pool needs for best results.

Features You Want with the Best Above Ground Pool Solar Covers

The main feature to look for with a solar cover or blanket is a long-term warranty. Some products come with a 7-year warranty on the premium end of the pricing scale. Others may only come with a 6-12 month warranty. When combined with the thickness of the cover or blanket, which ranges from 6-14 millimeters for most brands, you’ll be able to find the long-term solution you need.

Some brands market a “liquid” solar cover. These are just chemicals you add to the water to maintain temperature levels. These are not included in this guide.

Look for covers or blankets that will lock securely onto your pool for best results. A locked cover keeps water trapped within the pool while also keeping solar radiation trapped – sort of like a greenhouse. When there aren’t gaps for the heat or water vapor to escape, then pool temperatures can rise by as many as 15 degrees in some climates.

What Are the Prices of the Best Above Ground Pool Solar Covers?

You’ll find a basic solar cover or blanket will cost about $35. This type of cover will have a minimal warranty and thickness, but could be the perfect solution for an above ground pool in a warmer climate. Large solar covers and blankets may cost as much as $150+, but come with extended warranties and thicker materials for all season protection.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Blue Wave

This impressive solar blanket comes in numerous size options, so you can find the perfect size for your pool with ease. It gives you a 15 degree temperature difference thanks to its heat-retaining thermal bubbles and transparent blue coloring. It’s UV protected as well, highly affordable, and is backed by a 3 year warranty. If you need a fast way to warm up your water to maintain your chemistry balance, then consider this a primary solution for your pool care issues.

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This is the perfect cover solution for those who own an Intex pool. It works great with the easy set and frame pools and reduces your pool evaporation by up to 95%. There are drain holes included on the cover to prevent water accumulation and that reduces some of the mold and mildew buildup that some users may see. It even comes with a reusable carry bag for storage during the off-season. Choose the size which works best for you and then enjoy cleaner, warmer water all year long.

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Midwest Extra Heavy

We loved the high quality materials that were used to create this solar cover for an above ground pool. The cover itself is 12 mil for quality comparisons and is backed by a 10 year warranty. We noticed a definite improvement on the quality of heat that could be produced compared to other models of a similar size. It comes with a premium price tag, but the investment is definitely worth considering. When looking at long-term value, this could be the best product in the category right now.

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Sun 2 Solar

We appreciated how fast this solar blanket begins to work to raise the temperature of a pool. We also really like how the design offers reinforced seams so you don’t get the same wear and tear on this blanket as you do with other products from other brands. You can use this solar blanket in conjunction with a pool heater or on its own if you prefer. The 16 mil clear option is easily one of the top accessories we got to look at in any category.

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Splash Pools

If you have a medium-sized above ground pool and want a product that gets the basics right, then this is a solid choice when you want a solar blanket. It’s durable, blocks the dirt and debris from entering your pool, and can even limit your salt or chlorine costs, depending on your system. It also prevents most water evaporation and looks great while doing it. What more can you ask from a product?

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The best above ground pool solar covers will help you quickly warm up the water of your pool without the need for expensive utilities while also preventing extra debris from entering your pool. Save time and money with one of these top products and it will be a purchase you will not regret.

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