Green Pool: Should You Be Concerned?

Everything was going just fine until one fine day you realize that your pool water has turned green and cloudy. So why is the pool green? Typically, algae are the source of green pool water. This could happen in places with warmer temperatures, which causes the algae to bloom faster. The other reason could be … Read more


A swimming pool is unlike anything else you would ever own. You can live in your house even though you don’t clean it. You can always ride a bike if you don’t clean it.  But, can you swim in a pool that is not clean? Even if you can, you shouldn’t. A water body simply … Read more

Your Complete Guide to Pool Salt

Though you don’t have the great lake like that in Hogwarts to ward off your summer woes, but isn’t having a swimming pool at this time of the year a blessing in disguise? Who wouldn’t love to swim away from your worries and come out feeling rejuvenated and refreshed?  A swimming pool is a real lifesaver … Read more