Best Pool Thermometers for your Above Ground Pool (2021)

The temperature of your pool distinguishes a fun and comfortable experience from a bone-chilling and potentially dangerous ordeal.  Let’s face it — keeping pool water at a perfect temperature can be painstaking, but with the right pool thermometer it can be faster and far more manageable meaning you and your kids can sooner get back … Read more

6 Best Pool Skimmer Baskets (2021)

Cleaning the pool is a tiring and messy task, but it is necessary to get the cleaning task done correctly for the overall maintenance of the pool. This includes cleaning the pump basket and the skimmer as well. When the baskets get clogged, it increases the load on the pump for cycling the water, which … Read more

5 Best Above Ground Pool Backwash Hoses

If you own an above ground pool in your house, it is likely that you don’t want to experience the pain of cleaning it manually. This is where the backwash hose comes in to make your life much, much simpler. By attaching the backwash hose to the filter of your pool, the dirty and contaminated … Read more

5 Best Floating above Ground Pool Lights Review and Buying Guide

Nothing can spruce up a home like a pool in your backyard. Pools create a space for relaxation, enjoyment, exercise and add a sophisticated aesthetic appeal to your home. Above ground pools are an affordable and convenient way of having a pool in your backyard but without good lighting, they can be difficult to use. … Read more

5 Best Above Ground Pool Pads

Owning an above ground pool is a great way to enjoy the summer. However, you must also ensure that you are placing the pool in ideal conditions that will allow you to enjoy it to the fullest. One such thing that you require for an above ground pool is a pool pad. This pool pad … Read more

Pool Fountains: Why Kids and Adults Love Them

Pool fountains are one of the best swimming pool features that can entirely alter your pool’s design. These are a very diverse and aesthetic accessory that helps cool the pool’s temperature, reduce stress, and act as an excellent noise barrier. Swimming helps reduce stress, and if you install a fountain, it can work even more … Read more

A Complete Guide to Pool Valves

Are you a pool owner? Are you concerned about the maintenance of your pool? If yes, you need to focus on the quality of the pool equipment. One of the essential pieces of equipment is the pool valve which has a significant role in pool plumbing. It helps in the circulation of water and does … Read more

Pool Heaters and What You Must Know

It’s a warm sunny day. Like an eager beaver, you have been waiting for a much-needed break. The long office hours have exhausted you mentally and physically, or you are a student and are done with your exams, or maybe you are just fed up with being a couch potato and just Netflix and chilling! … Read more

Pool Stabilizer: An Ultimate Guide

For a pool owner, maintaining the pool is an important task. On the one hand, you need to keep the pool clean with crystal clear water so that you may have a good time taking a dip into it or relaxing by the pool. Again, on the other hand, maintaining pool hygiene is necessary to … Read more

A Complete Guide to Pool Ionizers

Pool ionizers are supplemental disinfecting frameworks that help kills algae and bacteria using copper and silver ions. Sometimes, a pool ionizer is also referred to as a pool mineral sanitizer.  Typically, pool ionizers use copper and silver particles to fight microorganisms and green growth in the water. Silver particles are more helpful in eliminating microorganisms, … Read more