How to Change an above Ground Pool Light

Having a pool in your home can truly give it a luxurious edge. It looks particularly pretty in the evening when it is all lit up. With technological advancements, there are several options to light up your pool.

If you have an above ground pool, there are several options at your disposal ranging from battery-powered lights to solar lights to even corded lights. Once you get to browsing the options, you will be left overwhelmed.

The biggest advantage of above ground pool lighting is that they consume less energy, are extremely low voltage and thereby easier on the pocket.

They also come in several shapes and sizes which add to the overall appeal of your pool area. If you truly want to get a taste of luxury, we highly recommend installing pool lights.

Benefits of above Ground Pool Lights

Pool lights can play a transformative role in the look and feel of your pool. You will feel great when friends and family compliment you on the marvelous space that you have created.

Here are a few benefits of above ground pool lights.

Mood Setter

Most people construct a pool in their homes to enjoy the finer side of life. Pool lights add to this by setting the mood. They add beauty and drama to the place.

You can even find mood-enhancing pool lights that can make your family pool experience truly luxurious.

Illuminates Your Backyard

Pool lights are the perfect solution to all your bragging needs. As they say, if you have got it, flaunt it.

The right pool lights will illuminate your backyard by enhancing all its special features such as steps, waterfall and fountain.

Makes the Pool Safe

Adding lights to your above ground pool can enhance its safety especially during night time swimming sessions and while entertaining guests.

If you have a party with kids around, pool lights will illuminate the area avoiding any risk of injury due to darkness.

The same applies for pets and with pool lights not only will you have better visibility inside the pool but can also effectively monitor your pets roaming around.

How Many Pool Lights Do You Need?

This may be a question worth considering while you are trying to embellish your above ground pool with lights.

The number of lights you should install in your pool area depends on a few factors including the shape and size of the pool and what you intend to achieve in terms of aesthetics.

The natural lighting in and around the area can also play a role in ascertaining the final number.

Make sure that all areas of the pool are evenly lit while also ensuring the pathway to the pool is never dimly lit. This can lead to accidents and may even hide the full glory of the pool area.

If your pool is bedecked with some distinguished elements which you wish to highlight, you will have to ensure ample lighting in and around it.

How to Choose the Right Light for Your Pool?

Pool lights can make a big difference to your pool area. Hence, it is crucial that you choose the right lights. There are several options available in the market. Here is how you can make the right choice.

Halogen above Ground Pool Lights

Halogen lights are one of the most easily available pool lights. They have been around for the longest time and are extremely easy on the pocket too.

However, halogen lights are not energy efficient which is why they are witnessing some energy-conscious consumers turning away.

Another drawback with halogen lights is that they come in limited colors. If you want a dramatic effect in your pool area, chances are you won’t be satisfied with halogen pool light.

They work best for people who want a simpler look and are looking for pocket-friendly lighting solutions.

LED Pool Lights

These lights are in vogue when it comes to above ground pool lighting solutions. There are several reasons behind their popularity.

They come in several colors, are long lasting and are the most efficient when it comes to preserving energy.

You can even go for a floating LED light for your pool. These lights are known to be mood enhancers, so would be perfect for a romantic swim with your partner.

The only downside of opting for a LED pool light is that they are cumbersome to remove and change. However, they can easily last for as long as a decade.

Besides, you can always hire help to do the fixings and replacement if you don’t feel like doing it all by yourself.

Fiber Optic Pool Lights

Fiber optic lights are the most premium pool lights available. They come in many colors, are durable and are extremely easy to replace and change.

These lights are more expensive than their LED or halogen counterparts and have a smaller shelf life than the LED lights.

Which One Should You Go With?

Pool lights come in many varieties to suit the needs of diverse customers. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and the final choice comes to personal preference.

LED lights perhaps offer the best in terms of longevity and energy only if you wrap your head around the replacement.

No matter which light you choose, please never compromise on the quality. Installing substandard products that don’t comply with existing legislation can risk your safety and therefore must be avoided at all costs.

No matter how effective your pool light is, it will need to be changed from time to time. It could be for several reasons such as it has worn out or has become faulty.

More often than not, people get expert help on changing pool lights but you can also do it yourself. Here are a few easy steps you can follow to change your above ground pool light.

Step 1: Remove the Light Unit

Start by removing the light fixture to change the bulb. You don’t have to make any changes to the pool but can simply take away the light unit from the pool, change the light and then put it back.

Follow these steps for a stress-free experience.

Turn the Power Off

For starters, reach out to the circuit breaker box in your home. You will spot the pool breaker here. All you need to do is to turn this off to cut all electricity supply to the pool while you change the lights. This is crucial to avoid any unfortunate event that may happen.

Sometimes pools have their own electricity connection and thereby a separate breaker box. If you don’t find that in the main box, look for it near the pool and turn it off.

Double Check If the Power Supply Is Shut

This may seem unnecessary but you will be surprised to know that many accidents happen while changing pool lights because water and electricity don’t go well together.

It is better to cross check to be sure and avoid any casualties due to electrocution.

You can check this by turning the pump on and if it doesn’t turn on, you have successfully managed to shut the power supply.

Remove the Screwlock

The light fixture is attached to the pool with something called a screw lock. You will need to remove this screw lock ideally with the help of a screwdriver.

Sometimes, you may even need to get into the pool to remove this screw lock and once done, keep it in a safe space to prevent it from rolling into the pool.

You will need it once you are done with the process and hence, don’t want to risk it tumbling away.

If you have nimble hands, you will be able to pull the fixture away from the light easily.

Once it is out, you need to move it to the deck to do the remaining work.

Step 2: Replace the Light Bulb

Now that you have removed the light bulb from the fixture, you need to change the bulb to get it functional again.

Follow these steps to do it quickly.

Separate the Bulb and Cover from the Light Unit

How you remove the lens and cover of your light fixture depends upon the age of your pool light. While older pool lights need to be undone using a screwdriver, the newer ones come installed with tabs that need to be loosened. The latter, of course, are easier to remove.

Remove the lens and the rubber gasket of the light carefully and keep it aside in a safe place. You need to keep these elements away from water at all times.

Replace With an Identical Bulb

Your pool light’s user manual will be the best place to consult for this step. Make sure you buy the same bulb as already installed in your fixture.

The size, design and internal energy parameters of the new bulb should be exactly similar to the older one.

If you are unable to find the bulb at your local electricity supply shop, you can look online as you are likely to find a wider range online. The manufacturer’s website is also a good place to buy the replacement as it would ensure authenticity and warranty.

While you are at it, make sure that the rubber gasket is fully functional with no wear and tear. If you spot even a slight leakage, change the gasket then and there to ensure no water seeps in.

This will save you time and energy and you won’t have to repeat the process again for the rubber gasket.

Replace the Old Bulb with the New One

Once you have tended to the lens and gasket, you will have the bulb in sight. This is the final step that needs your attention.

Reach out to the bulb and unscrew it. Use a towel if necessary. Now take the new bulb and replace it with the old one.

Remember, it is not advised to touch bulbs directly with your hands as the oil on your fingers can shorten the lifespan of the halogen bulb. Use a towel or napkin to create insulation between your hand and the bulb.

Make sure you discard the old bulb properly. It should be treated as electric waste and must not be discarded with kitchen waste and regular trash. If you are unsure about how to dispose it of safely, consult the user manual or check with the manufacturer.

Check If You Have Got This Right

Once you have followed the above steps, one thing remains. You need to check how successfully you have managed to change the light bulb.

Turn to the circuit breaker and turn the power on. If the bulb lights up, you have got the process bang on.

However, do not keep it on. Turn it off immediately after testing as keeping it on for a longer duration without having cool water around it, it may burn out.

Step 3: Reinstall the Pool Light

Congratulations on making it to the final stage! You are nearly done. All that remains to be done is that you need to reinstall the light unit with the new bulb in place.

Reassemble the Light Unit

Now put the lens and gasket back in place after changing the bulb. Make sure you wipe off any water that has accumulated on the lens or the gasket.

Tighten the Screws and Locks

You just have to recede your steps backward and do what you did in step 1 in reverse. Make sure you tighten the screws and locks so that the lens and light are stable and not wobbly.

Whether it is an old model or a new one, you need to tighten the screws and locks firmly so that they don’t come undone at any point in time.

Once you have done this, move the fixture back into its place in the pool. Tend to the cord and any other thing that you removed while disassembling it.

Turn the Unit On

Now that the light fixture is in its place with a new bulb, you need to turn the pool’s electrical connection on.

Sit back and see your pool illuminated. You can pat yourself for changing the above ground pool light successfully.

Additional Tips on Changing above Ground Pool Light

Though the above steps cover in detail how you can change the above ground pool light by yourself, some additional tips could be of help particularly if you don’t have a ton of experience of changing lights.

Don’t Shy Away from Taking Help

Changing pool lights is easy and quick if you follow the right steps. However, sometimes all may not go as per plan. In such a scenario, instead of knocking your head over it, again and again, call for help.

This is important because experts are more adept at changing lights without causing any undue accidents.

If you are a novice, you must not shy away from reaching for help especially because of the risk involved. Once you shadow an expert, you can change the lights yourself the next time.

Furthermore, it is also possible that despite following the steps the replacement is not perfect. This can be due to a faulty element or some other internal issue. An expert will be best suited to navigate such situations.

Never Install Too Many Lights in Your Pool

While you may be tempted to illuminate all parts of your pool, please understand the trick is to find the right balance.

While there is nothing wrong with highlighting all the wonderful elements of your pool, going overboard with lighting is not a wise thing.

It will not only be energy consuming but also make replacement and maintenance a huge task. Besides, too many lights will do little to highlight the contours of your pool creating an aesthetic mess.

Placing the Light at a Wrong Angle

This is more important than you may think. Positioning your pool light at the right angle can not only elevate the look but also ensure its longevity and effectiveness.

Ensure the height is right. This will enable you to carry out the replacements easily without any stress and hassles. A poorly positioned light will be a headache to replace.

The Final Word

Pool lights are undeniably a great addition to your backyard. They make the space come alive, add the right amount of drama and also add to the swimming experience.

You must choose the right above ground pool light for your pool, place them at the right positions and strike a healthy balance when it comes to the numbers.

Once you have taken care of safety issues, do not forget to indulge yourself and enjoy the finer side of life. After all, you have worked hard to create this setup at your house and it is only reasonable that you must indulge yourself.

You should feel proud of the space you have created and use every opportunity to unwind and relax in it with friends and family.

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