How to Drain An Above Ground Pool?

Draining your above-ground pool might seem a complex task to you. Now, if you are confused and unaware of the procedure, an expert might be the last option. But, if you like to do these tasks by yourself, gathering knowledge is what you must focus on. 

Want to know about the most efficient way to do it? Don’t worry; this article will get you covered on all your confusion. Follow the steps and drain your above-ground pool. 

Reasons to Drain Your Above Ground Pool

First, why do you want to drain your above-ground pool? Well, there might be a plethora of explanations in this regard. Before you start draining, it is essential to know you’ve taken this decision. 

It is because draining your above-ground pool might not be a good idea for the silliest reasons. So, there should be some genuine reasons why you must drain your above-ground swimming pool. 

●       Replacing the Pool Liner

If you want to replace your pool liner, draining your swimming pool is never a bad idea. Any faulty pool liner is very simple to repair and adjust in your pool. However, you need not empty your above-ground pool for this purpose. 

But, if you don’t have a reliable underwater repair kit, draining is the best idea. Moreover, you can drain your pool even if you don’t want to work underwater.

●       Change the Pool Water

Another genuine reason to drain your above-ground pool is that you want to add new water. Some users like to add a little volume of freshwater, but that’s not always the better idea. If you aren’t regular in sanitizing your pool, you must replace old water with fresh water. 

●       Fix Chemical Imbalance or Sanitize

There are instances when certain microbes cause a chemical imbalance in your pool. In such situations, you should drain your above-ground pool for safety purposes. However, if anything else is the cause of the imbalance, you can set it without draining your above-ground pool. 

If you are unaware of the cause, emptying your pool is better than taking chances. You can then sanitize your pool or regulate the parameters by adding pH increasers and alkaline salts. 

●       Changing Pool Location

Don’t you like the present location for your above-ground pool? If it’s time to relocate your swimming pool, there is no option left other than draining. It is the only idea, even if you want to move your pool a few feet away. 

●       Free Space

Many people like to stay away from their above-ground pools during winters. If you are one of them, you can drain your above-ground pool to free some space. So, draining your above-ground pool is the only idea if you want to store your pool. 

Some Useful Equipment to Drain Your Above Ground Pool

#1 Knoikos Expandable Garden Hose, 100ft  

The Knoikos Expandable Garden Hose has the best multifunctional nozzle in its segment. You can choose any one of the ten watering patterns as per your requirements.

The Knoikos Expandable Garden Hose can help you drain your above-ground pool, as it can undergo heavy-duty tasks. 

You won’t have a hard time gripping the hose due to water velocity. It has a soft rubber coating that makes itself ergonomic for you. You can also expand the Knoikos Expandable Garden Hose up to 100ft. 

So, if you want to move your above-ground pool to a few feet away, you will have no problem. Don’t worry about any leakage or fracture in the body, as the pipe is made from high-quality polyester. Moreover, the Knoikos expandable garden hose is easy to store and takes less storage space.


  • Made from durable polyester
  • Easy to grab and hold 
  • Has different types of outlets 


  • Poor quality nozzle 

#2 Superior Pump 91250  

To discard the water in your above-ground pool, you will require a pump. For this purpose, the Superior Pump 91250 will be the right option. It has an electric motor that generates ¼ hp. 

Components such as motor windings, O rings, durable capacitors, and sturdy build quality make it worthy for the job. The Superior Pump 9125o can move up to 1800 gallons of water per hour. So, draining your above-ground pool will not take much time to complete.


  • It has a durable built quality
  • It has a decent power efficiency 
  • Suitable for draining above ground pools 
  • Proper fit and finish


  • Lacks battery operation 

Right Process to Drain Above Ground Pool

The duration of your training process depends upon the size of your above-ground pool. It may vary from as short as an hour or as long as a day to empty the water. However, draining your swimming pool is one of the easiest tasks that requires no expert.

You can plan the draining procedure into small steps, as doing such will make things simpler. 

Step 1: Choosing A Water Dumping Ground

Choosing a water dumping ground is the first step to drain your above-ground pool. If you have a congested area, dumping these gallons of water might be a tough decision.

On the other hand, it is the first step you need to cover to drain your above-ground pool. 

If you have a proper drainage system, you won’t face tough challenges. Before planting these large quantities of water, ensure whether the drain can facilitate the flow. If you decide to dump the chlorinated water in your compound, your garden will be adversely affected.

Step 2: Choose an Effective Method

Theoretically, you can employ different methods to drain your swimming pool. But you will need a more practical approach to drain your above-ground pool. You can use an electric pump or any regular garden hose to discard the water.

Before you start, you should look at the advantages and disadvantages of both methods. If you don’t have a budget to purchase an electric pump, you can go for the traditional Garden hose. However, draining thousands of gallons of water buy a garden hose will take a lot of your valuable time. 

Choosing a garden hose with a larger diameter will save you some time. However, you can’t use a regular garden hose to drain 100% of your pool water. In the end, a few inches of water will remain in your above-ground pool. 

If you want to drain out a cent percent of your pool water, go for an electric pump. It will drain every drop of your pool without any hassle. Besides, an electric pump might not be the cheaper alternative but is worth every penny. Things will be easier if you choose a submersible electric pump.  

Wait, for there is a smarter way to drain your above-ground pool. If you start your training process with a garden hose, you can discard the remaining inches using an electric pump. However, this process won’t save much time but will save some units of electricity. 

Step 3: Starting Your Draining Process 

Till now, you might have made your decision to choose the correct method. Now, it is time to start your primary draining process. If you want to continue you are draining process with a garden hose, start with the connection. 

First, connect any end of your regular Garden hose to any water faucet. Now, put the other end of your hose in your above-ground swimming pool. To remove air from the pipe, allow water to flow in your pool. 

After you have extracted the excess air from the pipe, lower your pipe to the ground that that instant. You will get streamlined water flow from the pipe as your above-ground pool starts to get empty. 

If you want to drain your above-ground pool with an electric pump, it is effortless. All you have to do is turn on the plug after reading the instruction manual correctly. You can also use the pump-hose combination to drain your swimming pool.

Step 5: Drying Your Pool

If you want to store your above-ground pool for future use, dry it after draining. Moreover, if you’re going to replace the inner liner, drying your pool is the last step to follow. Don’t think drying out your pool after draining be a simple task. 

It is probably the most critical among the four steps to dry your above-ground pool. It is because a wet pool encourages the growth of harmful bacteria such as black algae. Lack of this step in your process will lead to health hazards and more work. 

You can take the help of drying equipment such as a vacuum or a dryer to do the job efficiently. Otherwise, you can allow the above-ground pool body to dry in the sunlight.  


Many people are lazy when it comes to drain their above-ground pool. If you are one of them, think twice because draining your pool is as crucial as sanitizing. Also, if summer is approaching, you should drain your above-ground pool asap. Besides, no one wants to waste their time draining their pool when it’s time to take a cool dip. 

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