Pool Fountains: Why Kids and Adults Love Them

Pool fountains are one of the best swimming pool features that can entirely alter your pool’s design. These are a very diverse and aesthetic accessory that helps cool the pool’s temperature, reduce stress, and act as an excellent noise barrier.

Swimming helps reduce stress, and if you install a fountain, it can work even more efficiently.

What Are the Benefits of Pool Fountains?

No wonder these are some of the best ideas to alter your pool and not only that, these have their benefits.

Let’s see what services these fountains have to offer:

#1 Natural Noise Barrier

The water striking the pool can be the tremendous sound barrier you are looking for. It drowns the loud noise of cars honking, commotion in the neighborhood, and other disturbances. This natural sound barrier efficiently creates an environment where you can relax.

#2 Cools The Pool

The pool fountains help in cooling down the water during the hot summers. The fountains use an aeration method which adds up oxygen to water and results in cooling the water. Install a few pairs of pool fountains, and you can chill in your pool during the day.

#3 Circulates the Water

The fountains do an excellent job in circulating the pool water. The circulation process distributes the chemical in the pool, runs water through the filter, and prevents bacteria and algae from growing.

Say the prime function of the fountain is to circulate the water.

#4 Designs

These aesthetic designs come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, which highly influence the surrounding and home design. These fit naturally and alter your overall ambiance.

Types of Pool Fountains

Some of the most famous pool fountains that you can always install in your pool are:

#1 Floating

The floating pool foundation is one of the most popular foundation extensions. These rest on the water surface and sprinkle water with great force for the pump. Floating pool fountains are pretty similar to poolside fountains.

It is available in simple and complicated structures, so it depends on how you want it to be. You can find many spouts on it which feature a multi-tiered effect. It is also capable of sprinkling through the sides.

Furthermore, if you wish, you can install a hose which can hide the returning water. These are to be anchored or drowned in the water using weights to prevent it from floating away.

#2 Spill-Over

The spill-over fountains allow the water to follow from a higher place to a lower position.

These fountains are soothing and an excellent pick if you wish to create a resort-like ambiance in your home. Trust me, and it is very relaxing when you watch the water gently falling into your pool.

#3 Poolside

The poolside fountains are an excellent pick for families as these fountains stay attached to the sides or edges of the pool and shoot streams of water across the pool. You can always customize how you want it, like a mist-type, streams, or gentle water spray.

These fountains add up a bit of classic touch to your pool.

#4 Light-Up (Modified)

How about adding some flashy lights to your fountain? You can always add some vivid LEDs to the rush, which can change colors at different intervals. These could be paired up with some lights that we have reviewed.

With this, you can create colored water balls and shoot them across your pool.

Pool Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Pools are very tricky to maintain. It requires proper and consistency in maintenance. Here are some tips that help you out.

#1 Installing Other Extensions To Improve Quality

If you are building a custom pool, there are things you need to keep in mind. You need to install such a feature that reduces the hassle of maintenance. However, automatic maintenance is worth every penny you invest as they reduce long-standing costs.

You can install an In-Floor System fully automatic and take care of water circulation and filtration. Installing a saltwater system is another way of reducing future costs because having a pre-installed saltwater system reduces the cost of additional supplies like Chlorine.

Remember to hire an experienced builder and use quality materials to increase long-term functionality.

#2 Follow A Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning a pool is a hassling task. Skimming, scrubbing, vacuuming is involved in the cleaning procedures. One can quickly lose track. But when you have things organized, it is pretty straightforward—the best way to follow a cleaning schedule.

When you plan, include these things on your to-do list:


Check daily when things are working perfectly. If you follow a daily check schedule, you will not overlook a slight change in the pool’s water.


Clean the pool once a week. It would be best if you skimmed, scrub the sides and floor, and vacuum it.


Apply a shock treatment if you see the chlorine level dropping. Also, clean the pool filter once a month.

 #3 Stay On Top Of Maintenances

Never let an issue go unnoticed. If there is an issue, fix it right away, do not make any such assumptions that it will improve itself with time. A tiny problem can become a significant concern for your pool, causing it to malfunction. However, the earlier you fix and repair, the more you save your money in the long run.

Do not overlook, daily check if everything is fine. If you see a tiny issue, immediately take action and resolve it.

Some Best Pool Fountains:

#1 GAME 23608-BB Underwater Light Show & Fountain

The GAME 23608-BB is an underwater light show above the ground fountain made with high-quality plastic and is very durable. 

It has a total of eight different combinations and lights. All these variations are controlled by a switch mounted on its top.

The GAME fountain features an auto-shutoff that affects its first-time use. This way, it extends the product’s lifespan, and it is an excellent fountain for hosting evening shows.

It has a Lithium-ion battery-operated power source, and it can serve a 3-hour long light show on a full charge. This product is fully rechargeable and requires no additional batteries.

The light show pool fountain has a great range. It has colored LEDs with a range of up to 15 feet, and it has a great spray power that can spray up to 3.5 feet high. However, the content may vary due to the size and depth of the pool.


  • The lights are pretty cool.
  • It comes with various settings.
  • Water streams are very powerful.


  • The lights are not that bright.
  • The Remote is cheaply built.

#2 Swimline 8598 Blossom Triple Tier Floating Fountain 8598

Swimline is one of the leading manufacturers of pool extensions and accessories.

The Swimline 8598 blossom fountain is a three-tier floating pool fountain. It is a very easy-going and straightforward, and hassle-free installation. It has a fountainhead, base, plumbing kit, and an anchor to keep it in position.

The spraying capability is adjustable and can be extended to a range between 7 to 16 feet. Using this fountain will aerate the water, cool the water, and raise the water’s pH.

It has a flower-shaped appearance that can float and is an adjustable fountain, and the Swimline Triple Tier is a stunning addition to any pool.


  • Easy to install.
  • Lovely display.
  • Can work with any water source when proper adaptors and connections are used.


  • You can’t use pool sweep.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to buy the best fountain for your pool?

When buying a pool fountain, you need to buy based on the size and depth of your pool.

Is it okay to leave my pool fountain running?

It is on you. When you leave your fountain running for odd hours, it may consume excessive electricity, and if you have battery operated fountain, it will shut itself off after a few hours.

Are fountains perfect for pools?

No wonder fountains are suitable accessories for pools. They do a fantastic job in circulating the pool water and keeping it cold.


Pool fountains are pretty tricky to install on your own unless you know how to get things done correctly. In most cases, people like to have a professional at their doorstep, but things are now accessible with modern pool fountains which are easy to install and hassle-free.

Maintaining a pool is very difficult, do follow a checking schedule to not miss out on the issues. It is advisable to use quality products that will only save your money in the long run.

Fountains do an excellent job in aerating the water and keeping it cool. It is a good investment, and you can chill in your pool on a sunny day and get refreshed.

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