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When you shop for an automatic pool cleaner, the biggest consideration that must be taken into account is the shape of the pool. Some work great in square or rectangular pools. Others can only work well in oval or round pools. The Arksen Automatic Pool Cleaner works in pools of all shapes, sizes, or even construction.

It works by attaching to your existing filtration system. Coming with a 5-way tester kit, you can make sure that your water chemistry is right as you let this cleaner operate all night. In return, you’ll wind up having one of the cleanest pools you’ve ever seen. That’s not an understatement. This product did a great job with surface and floor debris during the testing period.

Why Is the Arksen Automatic Pool Cleaner So Effective? 

So let’s set aside the water chemistry testing “bonus” that comes with this product and look at the cleaner itself. What makes it such an effective design is that it has nothing that needs to be replaced on it. There is no diaphragm. There are no gears. There are no wheels that get jammed up with debris. It just sucks up the debris so that you’re left with a clean pool.

This automatic cleaner is also really easy to install. You don’t need any tools to attach it to your filtration system and it took less than 10 minutes to get the job done. Now it does need a minimum 0.75 HP pump or 1,600 gph to operate at full capacity, but it still did a decent job of cleaning on a smaller pool as well. It requires no electricity to operate and noise is minimal.

There are some reports of this cleaner staying on one side of the pool. We noticed this tends to occur when the hose length is not appropriate or there is a slight incline in the pool. If your hose is too long, the unit doesn’t perform as well as it should. It climbs walls well when needed, but doesn’t always clean a floor incline successfully.

Sticking: The One Issue for the Arksen Automatic Pool Cleaner 

The way this cleaner operates is through the use of a moving pendulum within the unit. When underflow occurs, it will begin to stick somewhat on users, which will negate some of the suction power – or completely eliminate it. What we discovered after looking at some customer experiences where the pendulum just seemed to jam for no reason was that overly powerful pools can also cause this cleaner some problems. If your pool pump is over 1.5 HP or your flow rate is above 3,200 gph, you’ll need to reduce your flow rate for better results.

Mineralization is also an issue that reduces the effectiveness of this product. If the water chemistry is not properly balanced in regards to calcium or other scaling minerals, then they tend to build up on this pendulum and will cause it to malfunction. Cleaning the product out helps to get it working again, but the issue repeats itself until the chemistry balance is achieved.

We give the Arksen Automatic Pool Cleaner an A+ rating for above ground pool owners.

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