Review: Baracuda W0300 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner





Cleaning an above ground pool is a simple solution – assuming you have a strong enough pool pump. What can you do if you have a low-speed pump and still want an advanced solution to clean your pool? This is where the Baracuda W0300 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner is able to fill in some service gaps. It is available with or without a scrub disc so you can choose the type of cleaning that you do.

The main feature we appreciated with this design is what the manufacturer calls their “FlowKeeper Valve.” It automatically regulates the water flow so that you can maintain the peak levels of cleaning performance, no matter how strong your pump happens to be. This gives you an effective solution for the small-to-medium debris that is within your pool.

Additional Features Which Make the Baracuda W0300 a Great Product 

We appreciated how quiet this product was to use. You don’t feel like you need to stuff in earplugs just to clean your pool. Unlike other quiet products that have low suction levels to prevent noise pollution, you aren’t sacrificing power with the Baracuda W0300.

There’s also a wheel deflector that helps this product be able to move around tight corners with ease. This also means you can clean the steps and walls of your pool in addition to the floor without feature changeovers, yet the cleaning process still remains consistent.

The Baracuda W0300 comes equipped with 36 fins on its disc to help provide additional adhesion to the pool surface. Although it is a little awkward to use at first if you’re used to other vacuum systems, we did find that there were fewer hang-up issues around common points in a pool like a drain cover or fitting with this particular product.

The diaphragm design is also something that should be considered with this pool cleaner. It’s made from one-part moving technology so there is a lower overall risk of breakdown occurring with this product. That keeps maintenance costs down while still being able to effectively clean pools of almost any size.

Certain Considerations for Above Ground Pool Owners 

This advanced suction cleaner does require a higher level of suction because of its bulk. It will move slower than other products to achieve the same clean, but it doesn’t get stuck around corners or steps. What this means is that some vinyl liners may receive suction levels that are too high for their ratings when using this product.

We also noticed that this particular model tends to get stuck around certain drain covers that are raised. You’ll need to have a rounded main drain cover for best results – especially when using for an in-ground pool.

There is also a bit of a learning curve that goes into using this product. Give yourself a little time to get to learn its features instead of treating it as a plug and play cleaner for best results.

For pool owners with an in-ground pool or fiberglass framed above ground pool without a vinyl liner, we give this product an A rating. 

For above ground pool owners with a vinyl liner or soft-sided self-rising pool, we give this product a C rating.

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