Review: Bestway Power Steel Frame Pool Set





Review after review, you see these massively expensive above ground pools that don’t fit the needs of your family. Everyone seems to be wanting a piece of your checkbook and all you want is an affordable place to cool off in your backyard. That’s why we love the Bestway Power Steel Frame Pool Set. Priced below $500, this 14-foot diameter pool gives you 4 feet of depth in a space-saving way so you can have a private soak or some family fun in complete privacy.

What We Loved About This Bestway Pool Set 

  • Instead of only having vertical bars or rails to reinforce the weight of the pool, this above ground option gives you a reinforced rope that helps to give each rail some extra strength. The legs of this pool stay in their position with consistency.
  • At 90% capacity, this pool holds about 4,000 gallons of water, so it’s relatively easy to maintain the quality of the pool.
  • The overall construction of the pool includes heavy-duty polyester and PVC with a corrosion-resistant metal frame so you receive a lightweight and affordable pool with some stability and durability.
  • You’ll receive a filter pump, pool cover, ground cloth, and a basic 48-inch pool ladder with this set so you’ll be able to use your pool once it is filled. Setting it up is relatively easy and can be done with 2-3 people over the course of a couple hours. The filter can process up to 1,000 gallons per hour.
  • The overall size of the pool makes it suitable for most yards, including homes in the city. Renters may even be able to consider using this pool if there is enough yard space to do so.
  • Draining the pool is simple to do as well thanks to the garden hose adaptor which is fitted with the drain plug. 

This is the pool to use for smaller families or homes with smaller yards where affordability is a primary concern. Of course there are thicker liners and larger frames that are available for sale in our industry today. You’re also going to pay a lot more for those added features. This is a basic pool that meets basic needs in a professional way. It sets up easily, holds water well, and will provide you with consistency all season long.

What Could Be Improved with This Bestway Pool Set 

  • We really don’t like the design of the cover that comes with this pool set. It’s virtually impossible to tie it down on your own. We’d recommend purchasing one of the best solar covers for this pool for a better experience.
  • The water movement for this pool can sometimes be questionable as well. The filter itself does a decent enough job, but you’ll only get one full cleaning cycle every 4 hours. If your yard has a lot of debris, then you’ll be doing some manual skimming to keep the pool clean.
  • This pool comes with a 90-day warranty only.

It’s unreasonable to expect first class features when you’re shopping at coach prices. This is an affordable pool that meets basic needs without taking up a lot of space. In that regard, it does a fantastic job.

We give the Bestway Power Steel Frame Pool a B+ rating.

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