Review: Dolphin Nautilus 99996323 Robotic Pool Cleaner





Cleaning a swimming pool doesn’t have to be the chore you dread doing every week. With the right tools and a small investment, you can find a great automatic cleaning system that will clean more than the floor of an above ground swimming pool. The Dolphin Nautilus is the robotic pool cleaner that you’ll want for cleaning pools that are up to 50 feet in length thanks to the lengthy hose that comes standard with this product.

This robotic pool cleaner is designed to clean the pool floor, cove, and walls. It’s a lightweight product as well and is easy to get started working. Although it has a relatively high price compared to other systems, the durability of this robotic cleaner is beyond question. It will get the job done season after season.

Does It Really Cost Just $0.15 to Clean Your Pool with the Dolphin Nautilus? 

The Dolphin Nautilus is designed to scrub, vacuum, and filter all pool surfaces in just 3 hours or less, depending on the size of your pool. The cartridge filter is surprisingly easy to clean and the swivel cable attachment prevents the tangling and turnovers that other robotic vacuums tend to experience.

There’s also the advantage in that this robotic pool cleaner does not require users to hook up the system to their pool’s filtration system. It is a completely independent cleaner that is self-programmed for optimal pool scanning. There isn’t a pre-installation routine you need to complete whatsoever. Just turn it on and let it get to work. It’s really the only true “plug and play” system that is in this product category.

The warranty is also good on the Dolphin Nautilus. You receive 12 months for spare parts and labor from the moment of purchase.

When all of this added together, the equation is one that appears to be quite efficient. The manufacturer claims that this means pool owners can clean their pool for $0.15 – it is very possible that some pool owners could see this claim become reality.

A Few Issues of Note with the Dolphin Nautilus 

The one real issue we see with using this robotic pool cleaner is that it doesn’t really clean angles very well. It can climb walls and such, but angled walls can be somewhat difficult. Round above ground pools may wish to look for a different product because of this.

We also noticed that it can sometimes miss some spots when cleaning the pool. This seems to be based on user placement. The problem was more apparent when the Dolphin Nautilus was placed near the middle of the pool. We recommend placing it right along the edge for best results.

It does a great job with small-to-large debris, but very large debris tends to get stuck in its intake. You may need to manually remove extra-largedebris manually before running the robotic cleaner for best results.

We proudly give the Dolphin Nautilus an A+ rating for general use. 

For owners of smaller pool and those who have irregularly shaped pools, we would give the Dolphin Nautilus a B- rating.

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