Review: Embassy Pool PARA100 Above Ground Swimming Pool





If you’re thinking about creating more of a permanent installation for an above ground pool, your options can be somewhat limited. Even high quality pools often need to be moved from time to time for repairs or maintenance. The Embassy Pool PARA100 Above Ground Swimming Pool is a completely different experience. It offers the same things many other pools do: 18 feet in diameter, 52 inches of depth, and a great visual aesthetic. We discovered it also comes with several additional advantages.

What We Loved About the Embassy Pool PARA100 

  • The exterior of this pool is created from baked enamel steel. This gives it a rather rugged look and its durability is equal to its appearance. The top rails and verticals are also one of the widest in our industry today at 9 inches each, giving you additional supports all around the pool.
  • The steel wall also features hot-dipped galvanized copper bearings so that the strength of the sidewalls is reinforced. The walls are also corrugated to give you added flexibility during the installation process without compromising the vertical strength of the final pool design.
  • We also appreciated the staggered bolt wall closure. It gives the pool an added feeling of stability when compared to the other round pools from other brands.
  • You also receive a 1HP PR omega pump, a 17-inch sand filter, a skimmer, and a platform ladder with this pool set. The liner in this set also comes with a high definition effect for added value.
  • Despite the extra strength of this pool, the frame itself weighs in at just 458 pounds, allowing you to quickly move it to your preferred installation location without the extra cost of professional services.

Unlike other pool packages which offer additional accessories, the ladder for this particular pool is surprisingly strong and stable. We really wouldn’t change anything out when looking at the overall quality of what you receive. It’s an investment for certain, but one that is definitely worth making.

What Could Be Improved with the Embassy Pool PARA100 

  • The setup for this pool goes a lot better when the ground is completely level. You’ll need to do all of your prep work before starting the pool installation to avoid a giant headache.
  • Cost is also a definite issue with this particular above ground pool model. The 2016 model is about double the cost of the 2014 model at some retailers. For the cost, other pools that are larger are available in this category.
  • You’ll need to do a full winterization of this pool and watch for scratching along the supports to avoid surprise corrosion when spring comes along the next year.
  • The color of the pool is a beige or tan, which is not necessarily appealing to some landscaping designs. 

If you are looking for a sturdy above ground pool that will give you multiple seasons of fun, then you’ll want to give this one a closer look.

We give the Embassy Pool PARA100 Above Ground Swimming Pool an A+ rating.

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