Review: Heritage Complete Above Ground Round Pool





There are a number of ways to determine what the overall quality of an above ground pool happens to be. Some may look at the frame, others may look at the liner, and even how the sides of the pool are installed contribute to the perception of “good.” For the Heritage Complete Above Ground Round Pool, this 18 foot diameter circular pool is strength personified. It even provides 52 inches of depth, giving you plenty of room to run, swim, and play the day away in your own way.

What We Liked About the Heritage Complete Pool 

  • You’re not stuck with a pool that has less room than advertised because of the space the entry ladder takes up. You can flip up the staircase or use the anti-entrapment barrier to improve personal safety while still enjoying the full width and depth of this pool.
  • There’s a 1 HP motor that powers the sand filter for this pool so you receive strong water movement that will keep the pool remarkably clean and your water chemistry fairly consistent.
  • The frame includes a galvanized steel ledge that gives users some leaning support while enjoying the pool. You can hug the edge of the frame without feeling like the pool itself is going to rip apart just because your weight is leaning against it.
  • The all-weather vinyl liner was appropriately strong. The design includes a vacuum cap so you can connect your own vacuum tubing or system for easy pool cleaning at your discretion. It also comes with a skimmer, which is a nice addition.

You’re going to need to prepare the ground for the installation of this pool before it arrives. The work it takes to install the pool on a prepared site is a 4-6 hour endeavor, depending on how many people you have helping. The step-by-step DVD is mostly helpful, though there are a few steps you might need to look at a couple of times to make sure you’re getting them right. It looks great, is incredibly sturdy, and all of the parts received were of excellent quality.

What Could Be Improved with the Heritage Complete Pool 

  • The skimmer has a bit of an installation problem. You’ve got to fit it between the liner and the wall of the pool and it takes more time than it should. Some reviewers have even mentioned just using additional sealer because they couldn’t get it into its proper position.
  • The instructions miss a step or two here and there for small things. They’re easy enough to figure out on your own, but a word of caution here is necessary.
  • The pump can also be somewhat difficult to connect properly. We would actually recommend bringing in an electrician to finish this part of the job if you’re not familiar with this type of work.
  • We would also recommend using pipe tape on your threaded connections, as some have also mentioned, to ensure a tight connection.

As long as you give yourself plenty of time and keep a little extra sealant and tape around for the installation, we feel like most homeowners are going to love this pool. It’s the perfect size and depth to provide a lot of fun.

We give the Heritage Complete Above Ground Round Pool an A- rating.

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