Review: Heritage Taos Complete Above Ground Pool





Some above ground pools only give you PVC pipe and a vinyl liner for your pool. To get a complete frame that is supportive and comfortable almost seems like a “pipe dream.” This isn’t the case with the Heritage Taos Complete Above Ground Pool. At 30 feet by 15 feet in size and with over 4 feet of depth, you’ll have room for floaties, kids, and cocktails in the privacy of your own backyard for an affordable investment.

What We Like About the Heritage Taos 

  • The top of the pool frame features a 7-inch galvanized steel ledge that is painted so you have extra stability within the pool. The frame is also wide enough to hold a soda can or glass if you’re not splashing around.
  • The in-pool liner is a Perma 25 series all-weather overlap design. There’s a swirl print on the bottom to help give the pool some added visual definition when using it as well. It’s durable enough to withstand common debris that can enter a backyard pool.
  • We really loved the heavy-duty resin ladder that comes with this above ground pool. The ladder design includes an anti-entry staircase and an anti-entrapment barrier so younger kids can’t get into the pool very easily, but you can also make sure anyone in the pool can get out of it relatively easily.
  • Although it’s not promoted, this pool also comes with a 19-inch sand filter that is accompanied by 1 HP motor and a safety twist-lock plug so it doesn’t become a fun toy if the kids are playing in the backyard.
  • We also really appreciate the 25-year warranty that comes on the structure of the pool.

Although this is an above ground pool, we feel like it’s more of a permanent installation. The weight of the frame is nearly 900 pounds, so you’re going to need help moving it into position. It’s also the type of pool that will require yard leveling and some sand underneath the pool to help support the weight of it. This also means that you’re going to need to take the time to winterize this pool each year when the winter months come along.

What We Feel Could Be Improved with the Heritage Taos 

  • This pool comes in multiple packages from the manufacturer. You’ll be receiving delivery of 8-10 boxes at a time and you’ll need to be available to sign for the delivery.
  • The ladder is not really built for the larger adults among us. If you weigh more than 225 pounds, you may want to look at a better stairway or ladder accessory to use.
  • Building the frame of this pool is virtually impossible to do on your own. You’ll need some help putting the frame together into its proper shape.
  • We discovered that the bottom design of the liner that comes with this pool may be different than the standard design which is stated. A minimal issue, but one that should be mentioned nonetheless.

This is a high quality above ground pool that is offered at a surprisingly fair price. The biggest issue is the installation. If you can get past that initial headache, we feel like this is a pool you’ll want to use almost every day.

We give the Heritage Taos Complete Above Ground Pool an A rating.

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