Review: In Above Ground Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner





When you’re looking for a good automatic swimming pool cleaner, there are three general features that are typically in high demand. You want a cleaner that is quiet, effective, and can work with your pool pump. The In Above Ground Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner does this all surprisingly well. You will need a 0.75 HP pool pump for it to function correctly and it won’t work with pumps that are greater than 1.5 HP. You’ll also need a minimum flow of 1,600 gph if your HP doesn’t make the grade.

If you can meet the minimum qualifications with your above ground pool, then here is what you can expect to enjoy with this particular cleaner.

  1. It works very well with heavy debris. We had no issues removing most debris from a swimming pool with this automatic cleaner. It even removed gravel from the driveway that we threw in there on a whim. Sand and dirt were not an issue at all. The manufacturer states it can remove twigs as well – we decided not to test our luck with our liner on that one.
  2. It works slower in an above ground pool. We used this product in a standard Intex pool and it had no problems working to make it clean. It did take considerably longer to clean an above ground pool when compared to an in ground pool, however, so you may wish to take that into consideration. You’ll need to hook it up to the intake that’s on the side of your above ground pool.
  3. It is ready to use straight out of the box. This automatic swimming pool cleaner arrives fully assembled. You just need to inspect the unit to make sure it is in a proper working order before placing it in your pool to begin cleaning it. You don’t even need an adaptor to use it with many above ground pool sand filters, which is a definite advantage in this product category.
  4. The hose assembly needs to be secured very well. We recommend taking out your ladder or steps that go into an above ground pool for best results with this cleaner. We found that it can sometimes hang up on the accessories you may have in a pool and this can cause the hose assembly to come apart. You’ll also want to make sure the hose sections are firmly secured with one another before operating the cleaner for an effective cleaning experience.
  5. Consider removing the bumper strap. There’s a bit of plastic that operates as a bumper strap on this automatic cleaner. We found that there was more consistency with the product on pool coverage without the strap than with it. Of course this may void the warranty and could damage your pool, so only consider removing it if you’re not worried about either issue occurring.

For above ground pool owners, we give the In Above Ground Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner an A- rating. 

For in-ground pool owners, we give this cleaner a B+ rating.

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