Review: Intex 12×30 Metal Frame Above Ground Pool





An above ground pool should be simple and easy to setup. It should have enough space for your family and friends, but still be easy enough to maintain in just a few minutes. This is what we initially liked about the Intex 12×30 Metal Frame Above Ground Pool. Installation is a snap if you’ve got a couple extra set of hands and filling it up takes relatively no time at all. Get it setup in the morning and you’ll be swimming that evening.

What We Liked About This Framed Above Ground Pool 

  • It offers laminated PVC sidewalls for good strength without the difficulty of fiberglass sideboards which need to be installed into a track.
  • There is a filter pump included with this pool so that maintaining water chemistry is virtually effortless.
  • A GFCI comes equipped with the machinery of this pool so the pump will automatically shut off if the current is exposed to water for some reason.
  • The pump itself is able to process 530 gallons per hour, which allows users to be able to use some of the best automatic pool cleaners that are available today.
  • A drain plug has been conveniently placed on the pool so you can connect a garden hose to drain the water away from your home, patio, or other water-sensitive area.
  • There is also a dual suction outlet fitting designed with this pool so that water circulation is dramatically improved compared to past brand models.
  • It holds 1,718 gallons of water at the recommended 90% capacity level. 

Now this isn’t the biggest pool in the world. It’s 144x144x30 inches in diameter, which gives a large family enough room for everyone to sit in the cool water or splash around. The weight of the pool is also enough for one person to manage if need be during the installation process at just over 55 pounds.

We found the claim that you could install this pool in 30 minutes to be accurate assuming you had the ground preparation work completed beforehand.

What Could Have Been Improved with This Intex Above Ground Pool 

  • The setup and maintenance DVD gets the job done for learning how to use this pool, but it’s more for first-time pool owners than anything else. Its usefulness will feel limited if you’ve owned pools before.
  • The laminated PVC sidewalls are a little difficult to scrub clean with some vacuums. We found that the best results came when we just did everything by hand with this pool design.
  • When you clean the inside of the pool, we found it was useful to clean the exterior as well. Debris transfer can be a real problem when getting into or out of this pool without a ladder or steps installed.
  • It will comfortably hold about 4 adults and the pool depth itself is minimal. Many adults will just sit in the pool and that’s about the extent of what they can do. Great for cocktails and parties – not so great for exercise.

The bottom line is this: if you want a pool that’s affordable, easy to install, and simple to maintain that’s relatively large, but not relatively deep, then this is a great pool for you.

We give the Intex 12×30 Metal Frame Above Ground Pool an A- rating.

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