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Cleaning a swimming pool doesn’t have to be the one chore you dread doing every week. With a set of helpful tools, any above ground pool can become quickly clean in no time at all. The Intex Cleaning Maintenance Swimming Pool Kit gives you all of the tools that you’re going to need. It has a surface skimmer, a one-piece vacuum head for bottom cleaning, and other manual tools that will let you maintain the integrity of your pool and water chemistry.

We got an opportunity to take a look at this kit, so here are the advantages and disadvantages we saw with it.

First – the Advantages of the Intex Pool Kit 

Cost is a definite advantage. It retails for less than $40 in most markets. Considering the skimmer that’s included in this kit, that’s a pretty good price.

The pole for using this kit is telescopic and extends to 94 inches, so it works well with smaller above ground pools. Unlike some other telescoping products made for pools, we did not see any bending or inconsistencies with use.

As for the vacuum head, it really is the star of this cleaning kit. The nozzle can be pointed toward the net so you create a noticeable sucking experience that picks up most items. A small brush helps to provide you with consistency during this cleaning process. You do need to make sure that you prime the lines before use – otherwise you will get very little suction and a disappointing experience when using this cleaning kit.

And the whole cleaning/maintenance kit is extremely lightweight. You won’t feel fatigued by the process of cleaning your pool. It just takes a few minutes to prepare the pool for use whenever you see leaves, bugs, or other contaminants in your pool.

And Then the Disadvantages of the Intex Pool Kit 

Sizing is a definite disadvantage here for larger pool owners. The kit is useful and affordable, but you’ll be out there for some time on the large framed pools that some folks own.

Some reviews have mentioned that they like the net on this product. It works, but we’re not big fans of it. There is no flexibility to it and the quality of the net itself is somewhat lacking. Small debris just comes right out of it and we can see this wearing out quickly.

If your pool gets a lot of small dirt debris or dust in it, then this cleaning and maintenance kit struggles to remove these items. It’s more for larger debris in non-desert locations. Some enterprising users have removed their nets in favor of microfiber catching items to improve the design for dust removal. Without modification, however, this kit may not offer a truly positive experience.

There’s also the fact that this is not an automated system. It’s affordable, but you’ve got to be the one doing the work.

We give the Intex Cleaning Maintenance Swimming Pool Kit an A rating for small above ground pool owners. 

For large above ground pool owners, we give this swimming pool kit a B- rating.

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