Review: Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump





Large families have always struggled with the concept of the above ground pool. You can fit most of the family in there at once, but there’s always a couple of people who are stuck on the outside looking in. The Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump is an above ground pool option that looks to change that issue. Not only is there plenty of room for 6-8 adults in this pool, but you can have two parents and six kids fit into this pool to have fun with room to spare.

What We Liked About the Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set 

  • The sides of this framed pool are supported by steel frames that have been powder coated for rust resistance. The support frames don’t stick out very far from the sides of the pool either, so yard maintenance doesn’t become a headache after you’ve installed this frame in your backyard.
  • The sand filter pump is really easy to connect to your pool once you have the frame setup and water in the pool. It takes about an hour to get everything ready for the filling process and then another hour or so for the water chemistry to balance out for use.
  • This is a large capacity pool. At 90% capacity, it holds over 8,400 gallons of water.
  • The sand filter pump doesn’t require a special electrical connection to operate. It works on a standard household outlet. Just don’t use an extension cord that isn’t commercial/industrial quality for best results.
  • The laminated PVC sidewalls are easy enough to move around for installation and don’t scrape you up when using the pool.
  • The drain plug is conveniently located near the bottom of the pool and fits a standard garden hose so you can funnel the water away from sensitive areas.
  • Water circulation within the pool is relatively strong and can give you a clean pool in 6-8 hours even if you happen to need to shock it.

For a pool that is relatively large, the Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set is relatively light at just 150 pounds or so. Two people can set this pool up pretty easily. Add in the sand filter pump that processes 2,100 gallons per hour and you’ve got the strength to support high-end automatic cleaning equipment if you wish.

This above ground pool set also comes with a ladder, a ground cloth, and a debris cover so you can easily maintain the integrity of your water without added costs. At 24 feet by 24 feet in dimension and a little over 4 feet of depth, you even have some limited swimming ability in this pool when fully constructed as well.

What Could Be Improved with the Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set 

  • You’ll need to level a large section of your backyard with sand for best results when installing this pool.
  • We recommend replacing the ladder that comes with this pool.
  • The liner for the pool seems to be sensitive to movement. We would recommend staying out of the pool until it is at least 50% filled with water.

If you’re looking for an affordable above ground pool that is large enough to entertain all of your family and friends, this is one of the top affordable options that’s available on the market today.

We give the Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set with Sand Filter an A rating.

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