Review: iPool Deluxe Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool





What can you do with an above ground swimming pool when exercise instead of fun is your top priority? For most brands and styles of pools in our industry today, there just isn’t a high quality exercise option. The iPool Deluxe Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool is perhaps the best exception to this rule. You can create your own legitimate exercise-based swimming pool in just 6 square meters of space thanks to its truly innovative design.

What We Loved About the iPool Deluxe Exercise Pool 

  • This swimming pool isn’t going to destroy your water bill when you go to fill it. At maximum capacity, it will hold about 1,500 gallons of water. It may not seem like it, but that’s more than enough to give you the experience that you want.
  • A strong harness will hold you in place as you swim against the resistance of the water that is created by this pool. You are able to set whatever level of resistance you want inside the pool based on the harness position. It’s the user who sets the speed.
  • The pool itself is very lightweight, made from a lightweight fabric that’s been given a PVC coating.
  • The filter system that comes with this unique exercise pool is able to process 1,000 gallons per hour, which means you’re getting an almost complete changeover of water each hour you run the system.
  • A repair kit, pool heater, ladder, and floor mat are also included with this complete swimming pool kit. The entire kit carries a 1-year warranty.

There’s only really enough room for one person in this pool. It’s not really the kind of pool you’ll be using to sit and soak in during a warm day. You can use saltwater systems or chlorine with this pool without issue. With proper venting, it can even be an indoor pool option if you wish.

What Could Be Improved with the iPool Deluxe Exercise Pool 

  • The pump for this pool at times seems a little too powerful for the filter that comes with the unit. We’d actually recommend only using the pump sparingly during your cleaning process for best results.
  • The heater for this pool requires a 240V connection. Not every home is equipped for that type of installation. Running a new outlet or changing wiring is an added cost which must be factored into the purchase price of this pool.
  • You’ll also need a completely level surface for this pool for it to operate as it should. Even the slightest variation will cause the workout experience to be altered in a potentially negative way.
  • We recommend placing seam plastic on the liner of this pool as well to improve its long-term durability. 

As long as you keep your heater running when you plan to use the pool and run the filter/pump when it needs to be cleaned, this exercise pool is a space-saving solution that can provide you with tremendous benefits.

We give the iPool Deluxe Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool a B+ rating.

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