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There are a lot of vacuum heads that are on the market today that seem innovative… until you start to use them. Then the weakness of their design shines and you discover that the product only really works well for one certain type of pool – and it’s the type of pool you don’t own. The Water Tech Pool Blaster Speed Vac is different. Not only is the vacuum head a little smaller than others, but the shape of it is different as well.

You see, most vacuums for pools are designed with a round head. This helps with the suction process and navigating the suction around the pool, but it also means you have to manually scrub out some corners, steps, or other accessories. The Pool Blaster is a triangular head that helps you get right up to each edge so you can effectively clean.

It’s so effective of a design, in fact, that you could use this product to clean out your hot tub surfaces if you were so inclined.

Nothing Stands in the Way of the Water Tech Pool Blaster 

If edges and corners aren’t the issue with a pool vacuum, then the amount of suction or type of debris that you can pull out of your pool tends to be a problem. You just can’t find many speed vacs that can pull out all types of debris. This one is able to do so quickly and effectively. Nothing was left behind when testing out this vacuum. It removed sand, large leaves, large bugs, and even algae without difficulty.

We were skeptical of the claim that one could clean out any size of pool in 45 minutes or less using this product. After seeing it in action, that claim is legitimate. Maybe the largest above ground pools could take longer just because of their sheer size, but otherwise this cleaner makes it easy to clean even kiddie pools with ease.

Now this comes with the vacuum head only. You’ll need to purchase a telescoping pole in order for this product to properly function. The good news is that the pole handle works with almost every type of telescoping pole, so you can quickly find the right accessory to work with this unit.

Learning How to Use a Battery-Operated Pool Vacuum 

So the one issue that we can see coming up with this particular pool vacuum is the fact that it operates off of a battery charge. That’s good news for folks that don’t have an adequate pool pump for other cleaners. It’s bad news because a battery without a charge is a pool vacuum that isn’t going to work. Like most battery products, you’ll need to plug this unit in so it can charge – the charging cord is included with the product.

And like battery products, you need to manage the battery life to prevent it from losing its charge over time. If you have a small pool and you’re finished in a few minutes, we found you can actually reduce the power output after only a few uses. We highly recommend expending the full charge of the battery each time it is used.

For large pool owners, that won’t be much of an issue. It might mean, however, that it takes two full charges to complete the cleaning chore. When the battery begins to run low, you’ll also notice a reduction of suction power.

We give the Water Tech Pool Blaster Speed Vac an A rating for small-to-medium above ground pool owners. 

We give this pool vacuum a B+ rating for large above ground pool owners.

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  1. My vac seems to be taking in water at the motor section as when I open the top to recharge water spills out. Is there something I can do to prevent this


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