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Best Above-Ground Pool Pump Reviews: Our Favorite Systems

Water filtering system

Choosing the right pool pump means knowing the gallons per hour you’ll need to pump in order for your pool to be cleaned in 8 hours. To do this, you’ll need to divide the number of gallons your pool holds by 8.

Why is this important to do? Because when you look at the public negative reviews for pool pumps, most of them are because of being “ineffective.” Pool pumps are ineffective because they are undersized for the size of the pool they are pumping. Find the right size of pump based on your flow rate, look for quality features with the best above ground pool pump reviews, and you’ll have the best possible experience.

The Best Chart for Above Ground Pool Pumps

Based on trial reports and public reviews, we’ve put together the chart below which features the top-rated above ground pool pumps that are available today. Just make sure your preferred pool pump is configured to work with your pool.

PictureNameOur RatingGallons Per HourPrice
Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump4.5
Hawyward Power-Flo LX Series Pool Pump4.7
Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter w/ GFCI3.7
Best Choice Products Pro Swimming Pool Pump4.0
Harris ProForce Above Ground Pool Pump4.8
Blue Wave Maxi Replacement Pump4.3
Best Choice Products Pool Pump System4.0
Haward SP1775 Power-Flo4.4
Xtreme Power US Swimming Pool Pump4.1
Intex Sand Filter Pump/Salt Water System4.5
PictureNameOur RatingGallons Per HourPrice

Is a Pool Pump Necessary for an Above Ground Pool?

The pool pump basically acts for your swimming pool as your heart acts for your circulatory system. The pump pulls water from the pool through the skimmer and drain if available on your above ground pool. Then it pushes the water through the filter. From there, the water returns to the main pool. It is this action that helps to keep the water of the pool relatively clean.

Without a pool pump, every above ground swimming pool will develop stagnant water over time. The only way to fix that situation without a pool pump would be to drain and then refill the pool.

For many pools, if the pump is not working, then the cleaning system cannot operate. Therefore, it is a crucial step to purchase the right size of pool pump and keep up with the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for it.

When Should I Run an Above Ground Pool Pump?

There are two issues to consider regarding the operation of an above ground pool pump: energy costs and chemical balance. UV light eliminates chlorine, so daytime pool use will require the operation of a pool pump for chlorine addition. For some communities, lower energy costs are available in the evening, which would allow the pump to be run from sunset to sunrise so the pool can still be effectively clean.

Yet 8 hours of running the above ground pool pump may be somewhat excessive. A general rule of thumb for pool pump operation is to have it run for 30 minutes to each 10F of air temperature. This means if it is 80F outside, then four hours of operation would be suitable to maintain clean water.

Yet if the water is excessively dirty or used frequently, the 8 hour overnight cleaning cycle is absolutely necessary for pool health – especially if a pool shock is being used.

What Are the Prices of Above Ground Pool Pumps?

Most pool pumps for above ground pools are priced below $300. There are several options available in the $100-$200 price range. Just remember to calculate your gallons per hour rate based on the capacity of water your pool holds to make sure it can be cleaned in 8 hours or less.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Intex Krystal Clear

This is the sand filter pump which comes standard with many of this brand’s above ground pool kits. You receive options that can process up to 3,000 gallons per hour, so you can provide filtering support for pools of virtually any size. The 6-function control valve gives you the maintenance options you need, while the sand gives you the water filtration you want. It works on a standard outlet, has a motor that’s just under 1 HP, and only requires sand replacement once every 5 years under normal use. A definite value purchase here.

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At 1.5 HP, the expectation for this pool pump was that it would be excessively noisy. We couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s not “whisper quiet,” but it’s not going to deluge you with noise pollution either. The corrosion-proof engineering is a nice edition and you’ve got a 6-foot power cord to plug into a standard household outlet for operation. It is effective in pools as large as 21,000 gallons in size. Give it a try and we think you’ll love the results you’ll receive.

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Best Choice

This filter pool pump drum holds a remarkable 43 pounds of sand. Not only do you not need to worry about this product going anywhere once installed, but you won’t have to worry about your water not being properly filtered either. Hooking up the hoses for this particular pool pump may be difficult for some pools – especially the Intex brand – but otherwise all we saw was crystal clear water once we figured out what needed to be done for assembly. Be prepared – instructions may or may not come, but the time investment was worthwhile.

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This is the above ground pool pump that will give you professional results without a huge initial investment. It meets or exceeds all ETL and CSA requirements. The 1.5 inch connections on the suction and discharge ports give you a standard installation for most pools. It operates off of a standard household grounded outlet as well. The body is made from reinforced thermoplastic for long-term durability. If you want a pool pump that’s fast and cheap, but can still work season after season, then this is the one for you.

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Blue Wave

This self-priming pump makes it easy to take care of your above ground pool. With 1.5 HP and 1 HP options available to you, we really liked the clear lid which allows for easy cleaning of the unit. We also appreciated the dual-port design of this particular pump, giving you the option to install it vertically or horizontally. It costs a little more than similar pumps with this design, but the results speak for themselves.

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The best above ground pool pump reviews will make sure your water stays crystal clear so you can always have a relaxing good time. Whether you need a replacement pump or you purchased a pool without one, consider these options as the next best investment you can make today.

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